Pain in the Rain – Sabari Sriram

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Author : Sabari Sriram S.M.
Company : D+H
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Pain in the Rain

Rain Clouds in the sky, I don’t know why,
They make me blue, when am thinking of you;
May be they want to cry, as I walk on by,
Hiding my tears, in a world of good byes;

Love during summer rain, causes no pain,
Cause I’m looking back, at you once again;
Memories crowding my mind, you’re one of a kind,
Life without love, I’m helpless I’m dying;

Every day and every night, with my happiness dry and spirits low,
The decision you took was painful and hard to swallow;
In the midst of troubled times, I was left alone and hollow,
Recreating new path step by step for me to follow;

Life isn’t going to be easy, as I move on for the new quest,
Staying joyful and confident is going to be my litmus test;
I’ll come back strong and powerful to show why am still the best,
Baby…I’ll be waiting for you till my heart beat comes to rest;