Peace Please ..!! a humble appeal – Prajit Menon

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Author      : Prajit Menon
Company : Zafin Software Centre of Excellence

Peace Please ..!! a humble appeal

It’s time to end, the endless pain!
Caste wars being fought for vested gain;
The need for peace is now much felt,
A lot has happened, and a lot has dwelt;

Many have suffered, many have wept,
Dear ones lost and harmony swept;
Battles within, safety is dearth,
Wonder often, if this clamour is worth;

Disputes among states, claiming their right,
Is this the time, for an internal fight ?
When Real enemies though out of sight,
Have arrived at our gates, with all their might;

May compassion foster, hatred cease,
May the nation restore in peace;
Else there will be no tears left to cry,
When basic humanity is left to die;