Lost in the crowd – Sujith Dan Mammen

Author     :  Sujith Dan Mammen
Company :  UST Global
Email       :  sujithdan@gmail.com

Lost in the crowd

In the midst of all the fun

To have the fun,I have got no one.

Call it day or call it night

I have lost you from my sight….


Walking by the busy streets

Thinking of the useless feats,

Strong I guess I feel at times

But slowly I get weak at times….


Lost in the crowd, I feel all alone

Lost in thoughts, I feel all alone

Lost in the crowd, as a feather in air

Floating away from life in despair


Lost in the crowd..I am lost in the crowd..

Lost all the way..Lost in the crowd….



Staring at me, why you feel it is fun

All that I feel, is a jolt like pun

Stay just away, I don’t want to be there

Let the crowd here stay, and I gone from here


Lost in the crowd…I have lost all my ways

Lost in the crowd..I have lost all the sways



I don’t want prying eyes,nor I want praying scribes

If you don’t mean all the words,mean at least a few smiles

Measuring all the things, why carry just some scales

Just feel all the way and just let me scale


Lost in the crowd…let me be lost all the way

Lost in the crowd..I never want to find my way

Lost all the way…I am lost in the crowd

Find me you won’t…For I am lost in the crowd


Lost in the crowd…I have lost all I have

Lost in the streets..Dreams is all that I have

Let me be lost all alone…Be lost in the crowd..

Be lost oh oh…Lost in the crowd….