Rain came again – Manoj G.R.

Author      :   Manoj G.R.
Company :   QuEST Global
Email       :   manoj.gr@quest-global.com

Rain came again…

Ripples form on pond so calm,

showing nature’s style of charm.

Making such a joyous chime,

waking up my childhood time.

We played on water pools and falls,

until got some furious calls.

We made a lot of paper boats,

for those insects in our house.

With the rain came thunder storms,

making us all hide at home.

The only thing we fear ‘bout rain,

waking even from our dreams.

Now that the childhood days are gone,

Th’ rain for us means only harm.

Now, when my child plays in rain,

I would shout to make him come in.

The rain is th’ same, its charm is th’ same,

My eyes are th’ same, but thoughts are so lame!

History repeats the same old game,

Now it’s my child, where earlier it was me!