Metamorphosis -Archana Ambali


Author      : Archana Ambali
Company : UST Global


I was born a caterpillar
I was told I was safe
A crow came and ate my friend
And scared me out of my wits.
I grew up into a butterfly
But my wings were torn down
By sun, storm and several thorns
And then by kids all over.
Now I am a moth
I wander at night
I fly even if I know
That one day I will be a worm again.

She was once a baby so fine
Helpless, small and innocent
She was plucked off and harmed
Like a bud from its mother plant.
She grew up into a girl of nine
But wolves were eating them tender
Tearing into her barely visible skin
Screaming that she showed some flesh.
She was called a woman one day
She fell in love and yearned to live
One night she roamed around late
And never saw a dawn again.

It was darkness that did it
Cried the wind in passing;
“We can’t arrest darkness”, said the court
The wind was gone and voice was dead.
And all her sisters cried thus,
“We want to be like moths”;
Little did they know then that
They could never fly, however they try