PRINCESS OF THE ATTIC – Elizabeth. D. Akkara


Author      : Elizabeth. D. Akkara
Company : Allianz Insurance

Princess of the attic

Meddling with her golden yellow rock,
she swayed across the bark of an oak.
Each time the swing went up,
higher, higher, kept her mind raising its demands .
Because there she’ll get to see her little friends pressed against
the round glass window of the attic,
where little miss had built her world once.
She waved them bye, her tiny hands
through her tangled hair that swirled in the air.
Astonished and dismayed, she knew not
what her friends tried to say,
unless her mom had opened the attic,
the long lost princess could get back to her kingdom.
It’s time to strive; it’s time to thrive,
there shan’t be an hour, so take a hive.
Princess has to take her vow, bestowed upon her,
she knows what now.
Yet strangely a part of her refuses,
for she wants to go through the golden valley.
Mist full though merry full, surprising yet cherishing.
The golden rock in her hand, she now let it fly,
fly high, across the sky.
“Oh ye rock I command thee, to go,
go free my people from abandonment,
they shall come to me..”
Her kingdom, there it was still,
at the attic, pleading for freedom