Author : Arya Subash Kombara
Company : Icon Clinical Research India (P) Ltd.
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Am I so a trouble? Am I so a burden?

Mom, you were happy and blissful,
The day I was born.
Took me in your arms and kissed me,
The day I cried and smiled.

“World is beautiful my dear” You said,
I had neither doubts nor worries.
You didn’t lie, you didn’t scare;
But the world is difficult, now I feel.

Teenage and the stress, enjoyed it each step.
Youth and the struggles, loved it every stage.
Discovering, exploring, the magnificent self,
Never ending journey for oneself.

Fears apart I was strong.
Fearless I was all along.
Love, friendships and other relationships;
Aim, goals and secure profession;

This moment ruined my life,
Crushed into pieces and killed though alive.
Mamma, neither I am protected nor I am safe.
Please take me with you, a silent prayer deep inside.

They mistreated me, I reacted.
They tortured me, I reacted.
Painful it is, I am nothing to this world
Hurting it is, I am all alone in this world, Mamma.

I can’t trust, I am afraid to,
None bothers and none cares.
All are silent, don’t know why?
Am I so a trouble? Am I so a burden?

I am bleeding to death, I really don’t want to.
I have no hope nor do I have any dreams.
Yet I want to live, to show them all.
‘I am a woman and I am strong’.

Proud, certainly I was and I am.
To be a girl in the wonderful world.
This doubt arises now and then,
To be a woman in the wicked world.

Why can’t I live my life?
Why can’t I have any rights?
Whispers and blames, I will ask them why?
Am I so a trouble? Am I so a burden?