Author : Sajita Renoy
Company : Tata Consultancy Services
Email : sajitajohn05@gmail.com

FEMME : GOD’s Beautiful creature

Born as a parents angel
With cute tiny eyes and little hair tangled,
Laying happily in her mother’s lap
Enjoying the fresh air and the nap
A little each day, as her feet grow
Tries to conquer the world little and more
As year passes by, with her charm and laughter
Shows pride to the world that she is her father’s daughter
Imitating actions, listening advices and sometimes hearing blames
Thinks now it will be a pity to her parents fame
Slowly and slowly, she learns to love and care
Dreams of her visions and sometimes misfortunes but tries to bare
Flashes of moments appear that she has to be a wife
To become a part of someone’s life
Managing to uplift and free his sorrows
To give him a better tomorrow.
With couple of years passing by
Leaving behind all fears and shy
Endures the pain in her womb
Enhancing joy and affection in volume
The life of her has many twists and bends
Not knowing when it would be an end
I am blessed to be a daughter,sister and wife
MY LORD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!Thanking you for giving me a wonderful life..