Grass in the Rain – VINEESH K

Author : VINEESH K.
Company : APTARA
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Grass in the Rain

I am dreaming about a field full of lush green grass
There are little puddles with tadpoles all around
I can smell the grass in the rain
Which is a very cold shade of green
The rain is falling
Suddenly darkness falls
Everything fades into a shade of grey
Suddenly I am in the middle of a city street
There are gutters with black water all around
The rain is falling
I can smell blood getting diluted by the rain
A man is spraying blood all around the place with a hose
The blood catches fire
The fire engulfs me
But it is icy cold
I am chilled to the bone and I find it hard to breath
Then I wake up
The rain is falling on my face through the open window
The fiery glow of the street lamp
Shattered by rain into a thousand pieces
Burns a fire on my face
I close the window
Cover myself in the blanket
And go to a dream in which the girl in red salwar asked me if I will go with her
For an afternoon stroll through the streets of the city
But we reach a field full of lush green grass
The rain is falling
And I can smell the girl and the grass in the rain
The grass now has a red tinge to it