Author : Surbhi Singh
Company : Infosys Pvt. Limited
Email : surbhi24singh@gmail.com

Lookout for words

I am on constant lookout for words…
Words for my every mood, every emotion,
Every tear, every smile
I want a word for everything worthwhile
And no not simple words that you have heard before
I want deep, meaningful words
Words that would reach to your deepest parts
And shake you for a moment,
Words that you can hear even when
You have clasped your ears shut
Words that would penetrate every wall
That could come between us
I want words for the times I foolishly
Look into the space, thinking about you
Like right about now, you would appear on my doorstep
I want words for the little heartaches
I feel when I don’t see you for days and
No I won’t settle for sad,
Sad is just too mainstream
I want a word for the smile
That comes to my face, when I hear you sing my favorite lullaby,
When my heart skips a beat hearing my name
In your voice and I stand their dumbfounded
Like a child, wanting the candy floss
But too shy to ask for it and
No I won’t settle for crush, crush is for little girls,
When I was in third standard maybe
I want a word that would explain
The knot in my stomach, folding and unfolding
Like they have found a way to reach to my heart
And for every gush of blood it pumps out on your name,
It reached my intestines and asks them to twist and turn
I am on a constant lookout for words
I want a word for how my hand will look into yours,
Our knuckles would make zigzag of mountains
and we would jump through them
a word for how my hand will feel in yours,
the sweat of my tensions
sticking us together like it has finally found
the union it was looking for,
this is the hand it was supposed to hold
for the rest of its life
I want a word for how I would feel in your embrace
Like all your corners are my perfect fits
Face to face,
I could hear your breath on my neck,
The slow inhales and exhales, like every breath needs to reach me so urgently
Like a mandate you had given to your lungs to save your most precious air for me
I want a word for the way you look at me,
Like your eyes are searching for something more than my skin,
Like they want to see beneath everything
That I have kept hidden all my life
I want a word for the way I feel when you look at me
Like I will fall into too many pieces one by one
And then you would pick me page by page to compete this book
Love, history, pain, heart I have heard these things so many times
I want a word for you and me, just you and me
Something not heard before, said before, used before I want a word for us
I am on constant lookout for words