Author : Blessy Joy
Company : ITC Infotech
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My Daisy Blossoms

In a wake of my dreams, from within the grassy hills and lanes
In a wink of my eyes, twixt the kisses of a dewy dawn
I saw-tossed by the wild west wind-
White daisy blossoms of love.
As quite as a pilgrim’s prayer..
As mature as the silence it beholds..

Welcoming the pearl drops of rain- princess of beauty from far and near.
My wooden door hangs to its hinges, half open to my world of dreams.
Toppled and tossed by the naughty wind, as rain drizzles through flooded lanes..
Awaiting the sun , for warmth of love, the drenched daisy petals laments alone.
Let the firmament be drained out , my heartbeats reverberate silently.
“Let the dilapidated daisies be restored,
And their nectar of love flash hues in the drenched wings of butterflies
While kissing away the murkiness of this night
Splashing flicks of smiles in my lips , that quiver with the terror flashes of lightning”

But alas! Even as the vesper sounds resonate over the horizon
Lightning flashes and rain splashes holding hands with the wind…
All I can do is a silent wish and beg to the heaven’s bounty
For my wish to be granted- that the daisies be kissed by the morning sun…