Author : Resmipriya T.
Company : Infosys Ltd
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Smart Realizations

Who said I don’t have an empathizing heart
A caring heart, crying heart, an unselfish heart
Who said I am poor at keeping connections
And allow all friendships to go in each directions
Who said I am not a true family person
A no quality time spending nerd person

Those who say I don’t have a caring heart
Add me as a friend in your Facebook account
Follow me and see the likes I have liked
Shares I have shared for those who’re in need
See the virtual lamps I lit for assault victim girls
Read the tweets written for war facing kids

Those who say I don’t keep friendships around me
Come near, to see, a round the clock friend in me
Ask me what my school friends today’s breakfast was…
Ask me what my college friend’s bikes model is…
Always asking what’s happening, to dear friends
Whatsapping doses of advices, daily to my friends

Those who say I don’t spend time with family
Let me show the proof of my happy family
See the thousand likes for my intimate moments
See the flowing comments for my personal updates
Food I ate, dress I bought and where I went on weekend
Gift to my spouse, curry in my kitchen and everything on hand

Walking through the road, I was too busy chatting
Without even noticing the guy on road, bleeding
Falling from a bike, he was raising his hand
All he wanted was just a timely helping hand
Which might have surely helped to save his life
What to do, I didn’t see, I had the world to attend to.

Going to my house, I was too busy tweeting
Without even listening to my neighbour’s groans and moans
Falling in debt, they were sinking their life
All they wanted was a timely knock
Which might have helped them to rethink of their fate…
What to do, I didn’t hear, I had the world to hear to.

Sitting on my couch, I was busy showing off my life
Without even listening to my daughter’s small queries
Who dressed up in new frock and wanted to show me
All she wanted was a small hug and kiss
Which might have stopped the tears from her face.
What to do, I didn’t listen, I had the world to listen to.

I didn’t realize the draining smartness in me
I didn’t understand the blindness in my eyes
Drained out by an outsmarting phone
Didn’t even understand my ears going deaf
Which is stopping my connections to the real world
What to do, I didn’t have any world to make me realize that…..