Refugees – Anish Kumar K

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Author      :  Anish Kumar K
Company :  UST Global
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There’s a world across the sea
Free from wars and miseries
Though people wish to go
Beyond the barbed fences
And lines of demarcation
They all confined to their piece of land
Their life is like the sky above
Full of darkness and eerie silence
With the hope that the new shore
Shed light into their life
To melt the ice of despair
And to sparkle the last drop of hope
Some intrepid people
Set sail one night
They all looked at the farthest point
Barely winking their eyes
With hope of seeing the horizon
But the nature was merciless
It showed its fury and vengeance
On those innocent people
Oh! The scapegoats
They all drowned into the abyss
Surrounded by nothing but darkness
When they opened the eyes
There is the stairway to heaven
And they started walking up the hill
In search of a new land
Free from wars and miseries