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Author : Reji Thomas Mathew
Company : IBS
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Revolution strikes again

A jet black Bugatti Verona car stopped in front of a palace. The door was opened by the security guard and then stepped out our hero “Franklin Manuel” who works in Techno Park as a software engineer. Shocked? All this was the dream Frank saw today morning. In fact it’s his dreams that lead him this far from a poor family back ground to become an engineer.

Frank was born in a place named Mannuthy near Trissur. His father was a workshop mechanic. His mother was a sweeper. They didn’t have much money to even buy proper dresses for him. But they showered him with lots and lots of love, care and affection. His mother was a true believer of God and taught him the morality of life. Seeing his parents suffer, he grew to find solutions to make life of workers hassle free with mechanization and automation. He had one goal in mind to become and engineer. His dedication and never say die attitude helped him bag a seat for mechanical engineering in college of engineering Trissur. Before he completed his graduation itself he got selected to one of the world’s top IT companies in Techno Park.

He was so excited to get a job at the younger age and joined with the passion and thirst to learn and earn. He liked the job, people and the company. Through him his parents also cherished the sweetness of life. In spite of all these, he was a bit worried that he is not doing anything to the hard working community in making their work life simpler, by automation, which was his ambition in becoming an engineer. So he started identifying the real needy cases and encouraged his juniors to do some projects there by helping such people. He invested his time and brain as he was able to.

You may be wondering, why this chap don’t have the fancy of FB. Or don’t he have a girl friend to hang around. Well, forgot to tell, in his college days he was a good public speaker and even though he was not the Mr. Handsome of college, he too had a girl who loved him! But he was clear with his priorities and made it clear that after settling down, he will surely marry her. She is Diana and now doing her third year in engineering.

He use to go outing with his friends and “Ponmudi” was his most favorable place to visit. Even he doesn’t know how many times he had a ride there. But now he know the nook and corner of that place, the route and more important all the people there! He was concerned by hearing that the ladies who work in plantations use to get not more than two hundred rupees a day, even though they work under the sun whole day. He made them educated to stay united and request the authorities to increase their wages. He could mobilize this group faster and they did put the request to the management like this. But by then Frank got an assignment from his company to go to USA and he had to leave. This made the workers lay astray without leaders. Slowly that urge and request intensity started diluting and even the authorities threatened that if they ever complain this, they will lose their job.

It was nearing an election and a famous party leader came to know about this. he tried his best to exploit this to have vested benefits out of this and it worked as well. He and his party men pretended to give all support to the mob and said that if they go for strike, their demands will be honored. Workers went on agitation and days passed by. Now the party people started negotiations with the plantation group for party fund to solve these issues. Weeks and months passed by and workers family started becoming starving for food as well. They even started cursing their decisions and fate. Party men played a ploy and mad a rebellious group to damage the plantation. On the other hand, the leader informed this to plantation authority also to be prepared and claim insurance for the damage. It was all set and planned.

A strong Hartal was called by the party men in support for the workers’ demands. By then Frank had returned and was so much disturbed to know the proceedings. He tried to make the workers move back from agitate mode, but they were beyond control. On the hartal day, it was stand still with no vehicles on street. The most unwanted thing happened and someone put a fire near factory. Frank could this time convince people that they should control the fire or else, it will be the end of the factory and earning for those hundreds. They together did all hard work to put down the file along with fire force and police. Later the real plot and ploy behind the fire drama came out and factory also decided to increase the wages of employees.

When all got settled, Frank met Diana’s family members and the marriage was fixed. Though he got married, he continued with his life style by helping the needy and making the life of people better. So will his dreams of having a Bugatti come true? Let us hope so.