Roads inside technopark are in bad condition

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Roads are meant to connect places; same with the case of the roads inside Technopark.  But, the purpose will not be fulfilled unless it offers safe and comfortable travel. Roads inside Technopark are far away from satisfying this, as every one of us is experiencing now a days. We can see the condition of roads near High mask light near back gate,roads in front of Thejaswini, roads towards front gate are considered to be in very bad condition along with some other routes which requires repair inside Technopark.

Prathidhwani got many of opinions from technopark employees ragarding this  and also we have already planned to meet the concerned authorities to inform our request to repair roads.Subsequently we met Vasudevan Sir, Senior Manager, Business Development, Technopark for an attempt to seek help on solving the issue. He responded positively also to this as always for the progressive activities of technopark. We were informed that a retender has been invited through leading newspapers and work will be started soon  after the monsoon.

Thanks to park centre authorities, for the steps taken to resolve this issue and hope repairs will happen soon.