SAVE A LIFE : Be part of ‘Matching drive’ organised at Thejaswini building from 10am to 4pm TODAY ( 14th May 2013)

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Time is ticking for Stanford University professor of psychology Nalini Ambady. But her friends and relatives are hopeful of finding a south Asian bone marrow donor for her in time to save her from leukaemia. They are organizing a drive to find the right donor for her at the technopark – TODAY – 14th May 2013.

Fifty-four-year-old Nalini had fought away leukaemia eight years ago, but it relapsed in November. It was when her efforts to find a suitable donor from the US national marrow donor program failed, that her family and friends decided to launch the drive across the country six months ago. The US program has over 10 million donors.

Nalini’s well-wishers even set up a website — — as part of their drives and campaigns. Nalini now just have three weeks left to find the right match.


According to the organizers of the campaign in the capital, healthy people between 18 and 44 years of age can volunteer to be a donor. A sample of cheek cells will be collected with a cotton swab initially as part of the process to find the right match. For a bone marrow transplant, 10 most crucial set of antigens, termed the human leukocyte antigens, must match. Bone marrow transplant is a painless process, where doctors will withdraw liquid marrow from the bone using a needle.

let us be part of ‘Matching drive’ organised at Thejaswini building from 10am to 4pm.

There are two methods of doantion. One is collecting bone marrow from the donor’s hip bone which involves anesthesia and the second one is Peripheral Blood Stem Cells (PBSC) process which I did. The second process is easy and most of the donors are suggested to do this by the doctors.

This is the site that describes every thing related to the process. You can check the FAQ page.