SAVE A LIFE : ‘Matching drive’ registered 463 donors from technopark

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Dear Technoparkians..

You kept up the spirit and we surely have reason to be proud. With a team effort we’ve destroyed a general assumption about techies – ‘Techies are ignorant to social duties..’. Today 463 donor registrations happened in 5 hours to save Nalini Ambady, which is considered the most responsive drive ever by its organizers who conducted the similar drive around the world. Awesome team work!!


We have done our best and let’s have our fingers crossed to get back Nalini Ambady to her life as an outcome of this team effort..!!

Special thanks to Deepu S Nath ( Managing Director of Digital Brand Group) who took the initiative to brought the organisers to our technoaprk and the efforts to made this a success.


Let us wait for the matching results and hope definitely a perfect match from here.