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Author      :  PRASAD T.J.
Company :  Palnar Transmedia Pvt Ltd
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So many smiling faces, from that garden of friendship
Tough to find the best flower,
Days, we Search for a treasure house which,
Having a fine collection of stories.
Days we wished to dance in feathery breeze.
And  play with innocent angels…….
Days we wondered   about the great mountains
And oceans  found in text books.

Starting from the first day,
Crying Children, with the loss of mother’s
Not an unusual seen, for teachers….
Days make us the feeling, ‘this is our school’
When childhood turned the way, to teenage,
We found the rhythm of heart beats,
Want to fly in sky with the loving stars
And to stay in rainbow,

Stars,flowers, shells,ponds,birds ….
All loosed in the end of an innocent season…
Yes, we growned  far away …
Still now,be excited for a school bus…
Like sunshine through a window, can brighten up a day
Some words from our bellowed teachers, still encouraging us
Yes we learned so much, shared the golden moments of friendship,
From the four walls of School ….
Ten different stories for ten classes,
As like ten Incarnations of ‘Mahavishnu’.
Riding  on the road to success…
As like a Prince from the stories of our dearest teachers.