Screening of documentary film, “The Unsung Heroes”

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Screening of the documentary film “the Unsung Heroes”, narrating stories of ambulance drivers, will be held on 26th July , 2017 at Travancore Hall, Technopark at 6 PM.

The film expected to bang negative social stigma and destroy bad myths about ambulance services. Primary focus of the film content is about untouched emotions of ambulance drivers across India who put their lives in risk to save a life.

The documentary film is directed by Baburaj Asariya, who visualized the theme and spent nearly 2 years of his time to make his debut as Writer, Director and Producer.   The crew includes Krishna G as Director of photography, Music by Sreenath S Vijay, Edited by Sandeep Fradian , Audiography and SFX by Vijaya Sooryan V.B, Executive producers Suhas Bannur Anantharamu and Prasanth R P and Sub titling Atmaboth.

The team invites all technopark employees to watch and support the ticket free show at Travancore Hall.

Date – 26th July 2017

Show Time – 6 PM

Venue – Travancore Hall