SHADOWS – Devu R Chandran

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Author      : Devu R Chandran
Company : Allianz Insurance

Upon each pulse, passed a year of solitude.
Itching chills of the haunting winter,
Has wrapped around her– A blanket of fear.
Her heart sinks itself to an ocean of memories.

Staring at a chair that rocked upon her presence
Her heartbeats went count through the hied thoughts
Might it have been about her pretty youth!
Or the moments that broke her life up

She stood up from the chair clamping support,
Gazed at the shuddering gusts of chill pall
Daring not to recall her inexorable past
Eyes blinked for no cause, shedding tears for no one.

Shadows of her past showed wrinkles on her face.
Waiting for the whims of promise- that still above
Whispering divine prayers on air as always,
Waiting for the last call, to see no more shadows.