Soliloquy, in the midst of a nap! – Sharon Afra D’couth

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Author     : Sharon Afra D’couth
Company : Allianz
Email        : sharon.d’

                                                                   Soliloquy, in the midst of a nap!


Seated on the side of the window, on my way home after a busy day at office, I watched the busy streets, all lit up and colourful. City has always been a fascination for me, not just because I love those lights or streets, but because I was always a small town girl who was brought up far away from the busy streets and crowded cities. The little town called Valparai was so charming. With 52 estates around and very little influence from the outside world, it was more like a kingdom of our own. It used to rain for more than 6 months and sometimes the river next to my school used to get flooded and we used to get a holiday then. We all would go and have a look at the river every rainy day waiting to have a holiday. I loved my school so much even though I did not have a best friend there. Even though I lived in a place which most of them said was heaven, I always had a feeling that something was missing. Annual visits to my native place – Trivandrum was something which I used to look forward to and I used to cry every time my parents took me back to Valparai!

We used to live in an estate called Uralikkal which was quite far from the town. There used to be one bus in the morning and one in the evening which would be really crowded. I was too tiny to fight with the huge crowd of students who used to struggle to get a place in the bus, so dad didn’t want me to go to school regularly until I was a little older. I was taken to school just for my annual exams. I used to gaze at those class rooms convincing myself that someday I will have a lot of friends and be in a class like this. I loved it though as I had the whole day to watch television. I used to imitate the various Television show anchors their peculiar gestures, the way they speak, their body language etc. I used to tell my mom “someday I will be there”. She used to tell me I had a long way to go for that. But I still wanted it badly. I always had a dream, to be a TV host, my friends used to mock at me saying that we live in a place where there is very little opportunity to think of, but deep within I knew that someday GOD would take me where I need to be.

Our house was near the forest where wild animals used to prowl about at night. One night we were about to go to bed and suddenly there was some noise outside and my mom got so worried. She got married at an early age and was brought to the estates, she used to stay all alone while my dad had night shifts and so she learned to be alert all the time as life near a jungle is not easy. We tried to look through the window and realised there were three elephants having a feast on the plantain trees on the garden just outside our bedroom. We saw a baby elephant being fed by its mother. For people in the estates a group of elephants accompanied by a baby elephant was a nightmare as the little one would try to squeeze into little rooms and big elephant would then break through the whole building. It was quite common though. We couldn’t sleep until 3am when the elephants completed their dinner and left happily. It was quite an unforgettable night.

Another memorable moment in my life was when I had a chance to touch a leopard (not a living one though). A leopard used to hunt a lot of cattle in our estate and a man who lost most of his cows decided to kill it. He poisoned one of his goats and at last the leopard fell for the bait. We had the opportunity to go and see the dead predator. He looked really stunning and I felt a pang of guilt for such a magnificent creature.

When I lived there I had always dreamt to live in the city someday. Now I have become a city girl with a lot of changes in my lifestyle and mannerisms. But I guess somewhere deep inside there still lives a little girl who loves nature and is waiting to explore the wild. It has been around eight years since I have moved here. Interesting career, good friends and challenging opportunities have always kept me busy. “Hey… Wake up”… Someone shook me and I woke up from a deep slumber. “You are the next drop,” my friend said smiling at me. I was looking all confused with a lot of questions and not totally out of the dream. My busy day had put me to sleep in the cab and I am reaching home in a minute. Isn’t it amazing to look back and rediscover the lovely moment’s life has gifted us? The fact is we always forget to look back and stay entangled on our daily chores.

William Henry Davies once wrote “What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”, these words have a significant meaning in our Today’s life. One thing life has taught me is to enjoy this moment, as later they would be just memories which we would cherish for a lifetime but can never relive!