Sound of Silence – Lekshmi Krishna P

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Author      :   Lekshmi Krishna P
Company :   Zafin Software Centre Of Excellence
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Sound of Silence

I see your soft, warm hands

Clutching the rough cold window bars

(May be, young warmth leaning on icy Age!).

The volcano of your soul

Erupting on your quaking face…

The lava oozing out of the caves

In the middle of the red-hot desert.

The adjacent oceans overflowing

In the tsunami of unexpressed emotions..!

“He doesn’t hear”’ I hear.

“He so can’t speak and learn”’ I learn

Of you who have come to learn

Among the ‘normal’ learners of your age

And mortals like me who am deaf

With the noise of our own voice..!

Oh, my sweet child, cry not!

Listen with your soul

What I speak by my soul:

Blessed are you, for you won’t hear

What we blessed with ears are fated to hear.

No sweetheart will poison your life

With honey oozing from her sweetened tongue,

With the heaviest promise she would throw to the wind

Like the lightest feather, when her time is come!

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Nor will you turn the hapless rope

In the tug-of-war of faiths and philosophies..!

You can be you where you will be forced to be anything but you

And silently contribute against the deafening cacophony!

Your soul, your heart and the entire you

Will vibrate and resonate

To compensate for your stubborn eardrum

And the aimless tongue that would have sung chorus

Had you been ’normal’ to our abnormal world!

Cry not, my child!

The world will one day listen to you

As you have the ‘freedom’ not to listen to it..!