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Author : Lamiya Basheer
Company : NeST
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Spark of My Life

 Dec 25th 2012


I pulled up my eyelids which were so heavy, to look out that sobbing. It was none other than my beloved mother. She was sitting a few steps away from me. I couldn’t help myself adjust to speak out to her. But in vain , I realized a thousand spades piercing into the depths of my body ,that made be immobile. Seeing my attempt, my mom ran up to me, crying. I wanted to tell her , it was nothing and that I was feeling better. Suddenly I realized my eyes getting filled up. No, I won’t cry, I will fight this out. I will hide my pain. I can do that. I raised my hand to my mouth , just to imply her I was hungry. I felt like it’s been years I had some food. My mom rushed out.

I was feeling very cold. I guess , I was in the same month of December in which all these happened . Or did I sleep for days and months. I don’t know. I wanted to get up. I could see a sister coming into the room and giving me an injection. It did not pain . I could hear my mother , “Sister, she is hungry, can I give her some food , please”. “I’m sorry ma’am, all these tubes are providing her the required protein, no need to worry”. I shouldn’t have told I was hungry , I could hear my mother sobbing again. My eyelids  was feeling heavy. I felt like to say, I was feeling cold, but I just fell into some other world by that time.

Dec 16th 2012


It was a cold misty December morning… I enjoyed the mist and the cold breeze which passed by me. I was on my way to college.   Last year of my college. One more year and I would be out of college, working in some reputed hospital. I like to dream when I was alone, mostly while I travel, in particular on my way to college. But today was my exams. I shouldn’t be dreaming , I should be recollecting my notes. Okay. Left my dreams behind , feeling the heat.

Evening, we all went for Sanju’s treat after the exams. So semester exams are over, time to party. They are deciding for a movie, should I go ? Let me call home and check. I called home, my mom picked it. “Maa, exam was good, all are planning for a movie, shall I go ?” . I knew my mom would check whether I had company to be back home and that’s it, she said a yes. I could hear my brothers suggestion, ‘Dii, go for Life of Pie’. I just love my brothers. They never go wrong and that’s why however time I lack, I rush home during raksha bandhan to tie Rakhi. And yeah my suggestion was approved among friends and we were going for ‘’Life of Pie” at Saket. We had a good time at the movie, entire class was there. Out of the movie, I realized , it was too late , we all planned to board our buses. Sanju was staying near to my house. So he was accompanying me. We got in a bus. I was feeling cold. Only 4 or 5 people were there in the bus. So no much stops, we’ll reach early I suppose.

It was then Sanju noted it, bus deviated from its normal route and its doors were shut. He called out for me, ‘Jyothi, come lets get out’. I could realise a fire vibe within me I jumped but before I could react, I couldn’t belive what I saw, Sanju was beaten  and knocked unconscious with an iron rod by two of the passengers. They ran towards me, and dragged me to the  rear of the bus, started beating me with that same rod . I shouted and shouted for help, but the bus never stopped. Something pierced into me, I resisted with all my strength . And when I could no more withstand, I was feeling drowsy, while I saw blood running on the floors, I just fell down.

Dec 29th 2012


I could feel something being grabbed from me. I refused and refused. No I won’t allow this. I will fight this out. I couldn’t withheld when I saw an angel it was, who took back her hand which was immersed within my chest. There was something glowing in her hand, As I again lost grip and started feeling light, I realised it was ‘Jyothi’ glowing in her hands. Spark of my life is being lifted up and I just fell into another world. A world apart from vultures.