Beautiful Eyes – Rajesh Kumar. K

Author      : Rajesh Kumar. K
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                                                                                 Beautiful Eyes

In a corner of the college library, a Data Structures Schaum’s Series book was opened and was staring at the ceiling for long time. I was sitting next, seriously drawing something on a paper.

“Beautiful eyes”, Shilpa exclaimed. Looking at my drawing, she asked silently, “Whom are you drawing?”

I was bit surprised as I didn’t see her coming. “No one in particular”, I said. After finishing my serious work I asked, “Teacher has not come yet”?

“She is on half-day leave. Nobody is in the class”.

“Then I think I should be going. You are not going home”?

“Yeah, in the evening. By college bus”, she said, and resumed reading a giant book, as I left the library.

I have been waiting for a chance to go out early. I caught a transport bus which was going to Thampanoor. It wasn’t crowded. I got myself a comfortable window seat. I looked at my drawing again and closed my eyes, feeling the wind.

“Beautiful eyes,” I recalled Shilpa’s words. The real eyes were more beautiful, I wanted to say.

Six months before

I was out with my friends on a Sunday. I got a call from my dad.

“Wait a second, Ravi uncle wants to talk you,” he said. “How are you, son,” I heard that strong voice after a long time.

“Hello, uncle. Are you at my house? What a surprise!”.

“Yes. Indhu had entrance exam today nearby. We were on the way back. Just dropped by to see you all. I thought you will be at home…”

Ravi uncle was my dad’s business partner. We were like one family. When the business collapsed, Ravi uncle went to Saudi and we moved here. I had not seen them after that. He asked me if I was busy. I was not really busy. In fact I was a bit curious to see Indhu after a long time.

“Indhu, do you remember Harish?” Ravi uncle asked. I looked at the direction where he was looking and saw a beautiful girl.

“How can she forget Harish? They all were close friends. She was more close to him than to Rajeev,” Indhu’s mother said.

Rajeev is her elder brother. Whenever we go out, we would be at both ends of her hands. We both loved her, but were unaware that it was in different ways.

While I was looking at Indhu waiting to see her talk, her mother asked, “Which year are you studying, Harish?”

I looked at her mother and said, “Fourth semester”.

Indhu didn’t speak anything in particular to me. All we exchanged were a few gazes at lunch. She had amazingly beautiful eyes. I often wonder how girls’ eyes look so beautiful. After lunch, they didn’t stay much.

“Murali, when you get a chance, come home”, Ravi uncle said to dad. “Rajeev missed out today. He would be so happy that we saw all of you.”

“Convey my regards to him uncle,” I said.

Finally, she said bye without saying a word. I was in my room, lying down on my bed. I wished I had got some more time with her, to recall those wonderful memories. Those days were beautiful.

One day, Rajeev was ill and he didn’t come for tuition. There was no one to share her hands. She was all mine. After giving some exercise, the tuition teacher went to his room. Indhu was writing something on her first standard work book. She was looking very cute. I kissed on her cheek with a big noise. She liked it and brought herself close to me with cute smile. I kissed her again.

“Hari,” my mom knocked at the door. “They forgot to take the mangos. Can you take dad’s bike and see if they left the junction?”

I was so excited that I will get to see her again, but was unlucky. They left already.


“PMG…” the bus conductor woke me up. I got out of the bus and started walking. I had never seen Indhu after that. But she has been haunting me from then.

Last month, dad had said during dinner, “Ravi had called few days before. Indhu got admission in Barton Hill. He said he was not upset about sending her to Trivandrum, as we are here for any help.”

“What did you say?” mom asked.

“I said, she is just like our daughter and she can call us for any help.” That night I knew I would somehow meet her.

I was at a small shop in front of her college. The only problem ahead was Rajeev. Not her brother, but my neighbor Rajeev studied in the same college. If he finds out, he would say something to my parents. I was not worried about mom, but dad… I didn’t know how he would react.

I was sure not to miss out any girl coming out of the college.

There she comes, the one with yellow salwar-kameez.

Oh no. it’s not her!

I moved back and hid inside the shop. It’s been a while and she had not yet come?

Is she going by the college bus? If then, I have to catch her before she gets into it.

I was moving into the college gate and saw her coming straight to me.

“Indhu,” I called. “I want to talk to you”. She looked surprised.

“For the last six months, I remember you every night. I don’t know how happy I was seeing you again,” I wanted to say. As I didn’t see her responding, I swallowed those words. Her friends were waiting for her. Some boys were staring from distance. Still no response from her.

“Are you Indhu? I think I must have met a wrong person. Sorry”. I left the place with a bit of embarrassment.

I was hitting my punching bag hard at night. I knew I was not wrong. She should at least have said something.

In the morning dad said, “Where can you get first year Engineering books? Indhu needs some.”

“Dad,” I was trying to say something. He cut me short.

“You can go in the evening. They don’t even have class today. Get money from mom and go by auto.”

I was bit hesitant but then agreed. She came at her hostel gate, where I was waiting. We caught an auto to Statue to DC Books and bought the textbooks. I didn’t talk or look at her. In the end she asked.

“Are you angry with me”?

“So you talk?” I said.

“Those seniors were waiting to rag me. I was afraid”.

I looked at her. She looked innocent. I turned away and was looking somewhere else.

“I am sorry,” she said.

“Ok. Fine,” I sighed. We walked the way back as she wanted to see the places. We spoke about college, studies and places in Trivandrum to break the silence. When we reached her hostel, she thanked me for coming, and left. Then I noticed that I forgot to return the Physics text which I borrowed from her a few minutes back. I was waiting at the gate for the security to return the book. I flipped the text and saw a small paper folded inside the book.

“No one touched my cheek after that…happy to see you again. Hope you will come again.”

“Are you waiting for someone,” the security asked.

“No, Thanks. I will return this next Saturday,” I said with a smile. He acknowledged without knowing the reason.