The Fire Still Burns – Abhilash S

Author     : Abhilash S
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                                                         The Fire Still Burns
That day also went normally for Hari. He prepared the presentations his boss had wanted and he looked at the clock. 10 minutes to 6 PM. He walked towards the coffee vending machine and made a cup of coffee and started sipping it whilst looking through the window. The things that were running through his mind were, that his mother was to come to his apartment that day as it was the weekend and she didn’t like her son to stay alone.She would have cooked food to make him feel good and leave by the Monday morning.
This had been happening with him every weekend for the past year. He happened to ask her each time she visited to stay back with him only which was a futile effort. But the fact remained constant that she loved him much and he as well.
Hari turned off his laptop and put it back in his backpack and started to leave. His colleagues invited him to the weekend party and as usual he had denied it with an artificial smile. It’s a 20min ride to home. Roads were too busy as it was a Friday eve. Just like he did every day he looked towards the city’s biggest shopping mall while he was waiting for the signal. He found the place a bit crowded than usual. He could see through the gap between people who were standing, a girl lying down drenched in a pool of blood. His heart skipped few beats and he strode towards that place without minding the signal after he got back to the real time. He jumped off his bike and rushed near the girl by pushing people in front of him.He also found a child of about 4 years old, who also was lying near that girl beside her scooter. He heard people around him saying accident happened around
30mins ago and no one batted an eye. Hari called for an auto and he took both the mother and her kid to the hospital. From her wallet, he found her phone and informed her family. Time flew away swiftly and it was 10 PM, it was then, the doctor came and informed her family that both the mother and kid were ok and there was no need
to worry about. The girl’s husband and her family where showering Hari with their gratitude. Hari just smiled and left. He caught an auto and checked his phone, 6 missed calls from his mom. He picked up his bike from where he left, and reached his apartment and was welcomed by a very tensed mother who got further shocked to see her son’s shirt drenched in blood. He recounted the entire story to his mother that, it was an accident and he had helped them that was the reason for the spilled blood. He had no energy to further clarify and didn’t explain much to mom.
He got into his room and took a shower. A cup of coffee was awaited at the table. He picked it up and went to the balcony. Yes, it was the same place. The same place where his wife and his little daughter had met with an accident a year ago and they both died because no one took them to the hospital. The fire still burned and he did not want more lives to be burnt in it.