The Orphan Needs Care :- Sujith Dan Mammen

Author      : Sujith Dan Mammen
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                                                                                 The Orphan Needs Care

It was raining heavily outside. Jared opened the front door to see whether the rain had stopped, half cursing the lightning and the rain. Jared was a man in his late thirties, he was wearing an apron above his normal dress, he was clutching a long kitchen knife which had stains of blood and fresh blood drops could be seen on his apron. He locked the door with his keys and kept the keys and knife on the table and moved upstairs. The door of the room was half closed, he slightly opened the room, allowing a beam of light to fall on the floor, and otherwise the room was dark.

A small whining could be heard, as if it was a silent cry. He put on the light in the room and a girl of nearly twelve years was tied on the bed, she was lying with her face facing upwards, her hands tied on both sides of the bed, as if she was in a cross and her legs were tied together with thick ropes. She was struggling to free herself but was unable to move much and a piece of cloth was used to cover her mouth, tied behind her head, which made her unable to speak.

Jared moved forward and removed the cloth from her mouth. She cried:”Please, leave me free, it’s paining. “

Jared:” You know I can’t do that. I can never let you free. I will bring you dinner, so stay calm. Even if you cry, nobody is gonna hear it over the rain and lightning, so don’t waste your energy. Don’t make me do something that I would have to repent again in my life.”

Jared quickly moved downstairs hearing the telephone ringing. He picked it up. There was a female voice on the other end:” Hey Jared, where are you, I thought you agreed to pick me up today.”

Jared:” Not today Ann, we can have a talk later.”

Ann:” But aren’t I supposed to meet Jenny today?”

Jared:” We can have this talk later Ann, bit busy now.” Jared hung up the telephone. He could see the adoption papers near the telephone. He read the words on the document ”….would be held responsible for physically, emotionally, mentally and financially supporting Jenny and…” He gave a smirk at the document, put his i phone headset enjoying the music and moved to the kitchen.

Ann drove her car near the front gate of Jared’s house. She stopped the engine and opened the door, the rain was heavy, and so she ran towards the front door. She banged on the front door to no avail. She took the extra keys of the house from her bag and opened the door. The rooms were dimly lit with candles as the power supply had either failed due to the adverse conditions outside or it was kept that way.

There was movement near the kitchen and Ann moved towards the kitchen, when she heard a shriek coming from upstairs, she stopped and listened to check whether it was some sound from outside which she had interpreted as coming from inside. The sound was coming again, as if someone was trying to move a heavy object, scratching against the floor. Ann quickly moved upstairs and in to the first room on the left from where the sound was coming.

Ann was shocked to see the scene in front of her, a girl was tied to the bed and she was struggling hard to escape, there were bruises on her wrists and legs where the ropes had tightened in her effort to loosen herself from them. She saw Ann coming in and cried out:”Please, help me before he comes back.”

Ann:”Are you Jenny?”

The girl nodded as if in agreement. She seemed too tired to even speak, her eyes were swollen due to crying and she was literally tired from her efforts to loosen the ropes that tied her. Ann quickly loosened the ropes; it was not an easy task as Jared had tied them really well. Ann looked in the nearby drawer and found a scissors which she used to cut open the ropes. Jenny leaned on Ann as if she needed a support after long hours being tied to a bed.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jared came rushing in to the room. He tried to get hold of Jenny, but Ann pushed him. He tried to thwart Ann and clutch Jenny, but slipped and fell to the ground. Jenny quickly took the scissors and plunged him in the neck. Jared cried out in agony, when Jenny plunged the scissors twice, and he was dead. Ann was awestruck.

Jenny:” I am sorry, he did all kinds of bad things to me, he adopted me and pledged that he would take care of me, but he didn’t. Please help me.”

Ann was unable to utter words; she held Jenny close to her and moved downstairs. Jenny was almost swaying, as if she would fall asleep due to tiredness. Ann kept her bag on the table to support Jenny.

Ann:”Hey, don’t fall, do you want something to eat.”

Jenny mumbled feebly which sounded like a yes.

Ann:”Stay here, I will be back.”

Ann moved to the kitchen. She saw cooked chicken in a plate and an apron covered in blood near the counter, probably from cutting the chicken as chicken waste was kept in a nearby bag which also contained blood. She took the chicken and a loaf of bread from a nearby cupboard and went to Jenny. She was sitting on the floor with eyes closed. Ann touched her and she opened her eyes and took the bread from her hands and started eating quickly with the chicken. Ann turned to take her bag and found that the table was empty. Suddenly something cold plunged in to her back, it was sheer pain at first, blood flowing out of her body, and she was feeling numb, as she turned back. Jenny was holding a long kitchen knife with blood dripping out of it.


Jenny:” He adopted me to take care of me, now he takes more time for you. I cannot let that happen, so I destroyed every picture of yours in this house when he told he was going to marry you. I told I will kill you and so he tied me up. You don’t know how much an orphan has to suffer, an orphan needs care, love and I couldn’t let that go away. If he can’t have time for me, then he shouldn’t have time for anyone.”

Jenny was shivering while Ann was dead, in a pool of her own blood. Jenny took the bag from behind her and walked outside, in to the rain.