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Author      : Don Bosco
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A normal Love story with extra ordinary feeling

Carol, a musician in UK, who was loved by millions of her fans and she also married one of her fan named Steve, an entrepreneur. They both started a happy life in their beautiful Villa surrounded by a small garden. Carol loves mango fruit which made Steve to plant a mango tree in the garden. Every day she used to spend times in the garden for relaxation as soon as her music composing got complete. The pleasant smell coming from the Rose and other plants in the garden makes her mind calm and feel fresh.

On their first anniversary, Steve presented a most expensive mobile made of gold and diamond studded with a red rose. She was really surprised and they had dinner night at the nearby restaurant. He also introduced her a friend named Tedd and told her that he would also be living with them in the home. They all had a smile chat and went back to their home. The next day she was surprised again through the phone call received from her director that she received Harriet Cohen International Music Award for her latest music albums. She thanked the director back and shared her happiness to her husband, her Friend Tedd and thanked all the flowers in the garden which chilled her mind to put fresh music. While Stepping out of the house, surrounded by a group of reporters who were congratulating her for the award. She thanked the reporters back and also expressed thanks to all the directors, producers, actors, co-workers for their valuable support. Also she added that she was really lucky to have a sweet husband Steve who put his best efforts to make their life more comfortable and always standing behind her during ups and down.

After few months, Steve planned to start a new business at Singapore. He informed Carol that he would be in Singapore for a month. They both reached the airport and after hugging each other he said bye to her and got into the flight. A week later, he cancelled all his plan and returned back due to illness. He thought of taking rest at his home for a week, still he could felt severe headache, fever, weight loss as well. Carol took care of him with affection but her heart broken when she found few red spots/ rashes on his chest and took him to the hospital where their family doctor Sam was working. Dr. Sam asked the nurse to take all the test required and would give the result to him at the earliest. Sam had a friendly chat with Carol and Steve in his room, the nurse knocked the door and doctor asked her to get in. She handed the report and went outside. Sam started analyzing the reports one by one, he found the white blood cell count and platelets counts were low in the report. He told them everything looks normal and asked them to come next day for the blood test again and advised him to take all the medicines after every meals. The next day, Carol woke little before the Sun rose, spend some time in the garden and found Tedd who also woke early on the day. She said Tedd that Steve was not well and needed to go hospital at 10 am in the morning. She went to the bed room to wake him up and shockingly noticed few blood drops came from his mouth. She screamed for help, atonce Tedd and sweeper (who used to come daily for cleaning the home) reached the room and atonce they called 112 for ambulance and informed the incident to the doctor.

Sam was waiting for the ambulance and asked the nurse to bring him to the emergency ward as soon as the ambulance would reached there. They brought him into the ward through the structure followed by carol and the doctor asked her to wait outside. An hour later he came out and told her that he was suffering from blood cancer and now in very critical stage. He asked them to take the blood test again for reconfirmation purposes. She started crying after hearing the words from the doctor and her mind became blank. At the moment, she felt that she would going to miss a person who was golden hearted. She asked the doctor was there any way to save her husband. Doctor told that he replaced his old blood with new one and still he seemed to be in final stage and asked her to be strong enough and we should always try to make him feel happy.

He was discharged from the hospital after 2 days, Carol and Tedd came to pick him to the home. They all had a chat with tea and cakes with carol’s music. In the evening, he asked Carol to get him out. Carol first thought of refusing it but later she took him and Tedd to the nearby restaurant and all had chicken biryani and mango shake and went back to the home. Carol asked Steve to sleep well. And Steve told her that he wanted to live a peaceful life with her till 100 but he didn’t know for how many days he would be alive. He thanked her for the pleasant music and the dinner, said good night to her before lying on the bed.

The next day morning, as soon as Carol woke up, tears were flowing from her eyes when she touched him to wake him, she realized that no air was coming out from his nose, his body was frozen and heart was not pumping him dead on the bed. At the same time, Tedd also came to the bed room and offended, he really didn’t know what to do next. After few hours, neighbors lifted Steve and placed him into the gasket for the funeral. The news flashed in newspaper, TV channels and in social media, her fans also came to the funeral with flowers, Priest requested the lord to keep his soul in rest and peace and he blessed Carol that God would give enormous support to her for coming out of the critical situation and everything would be going fine for her in the upcoming days.

She stopped using Social Medias because whenever she opened her mail box, she used to get mails / messages from friends the fans stated “Sending my sincere sympathies and condolences on the loss of your husband. May God gives the strength to bear this sorrow. Take care of yourself, my friend.” She also cancelled all her music composing schedule and liked to spend some time in her garden and chat with Tedd. Day after day, she became better, her tears reduced and the relationship between her and Tedd became much closer.

She started considering him as her best friend since he was honest and did not talk bad about anyone. She trusted him a lot and shared all her sorrows to him which makes her feeling better. Her day was incomplete without kissing him and having food with him. She considered the cutest kiss of him as her appreciations which were more valuable than her awards received so far.

On a fine day, director Stephen came to her house as he wanted her to compose music for his upcoming movie. She greeted him and while seeing her, he found her happy as she had recovered from her husband’s dead and he requested her to compose music for the movie. She started thinking about it and meanwhile Tedd came out of her bedroom. Tedd kissed her in a friendly way infront of him and she introduced him to the director. Though the director didn’t like him but was able to understand the bond the love between Carol and Tedd which disappeared her tears. She finally agreed for the composing and he asked her to be in his office on next day at 8a.m.

Carol spend sometimes with Tedd in the garden. She told him that she have to wake up in the morning at6:30 a.m. Her life was happier due to his love and so she requested him to be in home itself and not to go outside the next day since she didn’t want to lose him too. She forget to close the main door and kept the alarm at 6:15 a.m. She and Tedd went to the bed room to sleep.

She accidently woke up at 6:12 a.m. and after seeing the time, she thought of sleeping till the alarm ring. She found Tedd was missing as soon as she woke up at 6:15am. It was the strangest feeling she ever had since she could see him till 6:12 a.m. in the bed. She went outside for finding him and enquired about him to the neighbors. One of the person told that he saw him near the telephone booth which was near to the next street. While hearing that, she just ran to the booth and she found him there. She called him but after seeing her, he started running towards the other side. She was shocked and ran behind him for knowing the reason why he wanted to leave her. At the time, one of her sandals broke and atonce she fall down on the street. Her nose got hurt and started bleeding. She fainted before her blood reached the ground and atonce she jumped from her bed with a huge breath and tension in her mind and followed by a beep sound came from her bed room.

Tedd woke up by the jump of her and she was happy that he didn’t go anywhere else. She turned off the alarm and started recollecting the memories what really happened. The incident she woke up at 6:12 a.m. was real and all other incidents till she fainted down the earth before the blood reached down happened in her dream while she thought of taking a 3 minutes sleep after 6:12 a.m. And after seeing Tedd, with excitement she took him in her hands and kissed him repeatedly. Tedd was the baby dog gifted by her husband on the anniversary and she considered the dog as the only living gift of her husband. Then she called the director and asked him whether she could take Tedd along with her to the office. Director told her that “Though I didn’t like puppy, I love to see you happier with Tedd. You both are welcome to the office and expecting a fresh music from you :):):) .”

She happily carried him in her hand and move forward to the office for composing.

Let the almighty showers her with full of happiness till the end. Life does not end when we missed our loved ones, we could see them in our day to day life.