Changing Time and Shrinking Memories – Anjana V K


Author      : Anjana V K
Company : Gemini Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Changing Time and Shrinking Memories

It was a Saturday, and I was playing with my cousins.
I, Malini am a member of a big family with my parents, grandparents, sibling, aunty’s and uncle’s living in the

same compound. My house will always be crowded with people and I am always in the company of my cousins.

The yard of my house has lots of space for us to play. I was there playing around when my Amma called me .
Amma was busy in the kitchen preparing lunch….. I never had to think of “Oh! What would I eat today?”

as everyday there would be a new item in the kitchen. The local foods of Kerala, especially Meals, thoran,

mampazha pulisseri etc… There would be something always ready to eat.
With a little bit head weight, I can say that I am the darling of my father and I have the special privilege to

get the first ball of rice meal from him.
As usual, that day also I stood next to my dad and him while making ball of rice by his hand was saying, “ente ponnu mol vaaya turanne, aa..aa..aa..” and the I happily opened my mouth……….
Suddenly a loud noise pierced my ear……”ting tong”. The sound became irresistible that I had to open my eyes.
I looked around in panic. It was the sound of the calling bell crying loudly… I got up and walked towards the door, thinking that it might Sunil, my husband. But as I opened the door, to my surprise I found the delivery boy of Domino’s Pizza…
He politely said, “Madame, your order”.
Malini: Oh! It might be some mistake.. I didn’t order one.
Delivery boy: No madam, see this is your address rite??? He shows his bill
I was confused of what is happening and took my phone to call Sunil to ask what to do.
Malini: Hi Sunil, where are you?
Sunil: Malini, got the pizza??
Malini: Oh it was you… hmm..yes I got it. But are you not coming??
Sunil: Sorry dear, I got an urgent work to complete. That’s why I ordered pizza for you…. Please don’t stay hungry. Ok.. I’ll call you back. Love you…
The call ended…and I took the parcel from the delivery boy and tried to recollect the dream I had.
I came back from office at noon. I and Sunil were both working at Technopark in 2 different companies. We went office together in the morning…but upon reaching there, I found out that I had a little bit of work to do. So I thought of going home early as lots of clothes were pending to get washed and other household works were also there to be done.
I reached back home craving with hunger, only to realize that I had not made anything for lunch as we planned to eat from food court.
Before I can think of anything, my phone rang…it was Sunil.

Sunil: hey Malini. Reached home?
Malini: yes yes… reached just now. But Suni…. only after reaching here i remembered that I have not prepared lunch. See I need to cook again and am already starving to death. 🙁
Sunil: (Smiling) don’t worry … just wait for 30 mints. I will also be coming as my work is almost done. Then we will go out and have lunch.
Malini: Is it??? Oh come fast…. 🙂
Sunil: Ok… then bye
Malini: Bye.
By the time the conversation ended, I, already tired was in to the couch and slowly fell asleep.
Now I realized that all those beautiful things were the sweet memories of my childhood that the hunger brought into my dream…. The big life of mine is shrunk inside the 4 walls of the flat. Our busy work life let me no time to further think about them and as I took a bite of the pizza, I unknowingly felt the taste of the privileged ball of rice meal from the hands of my dad.