The Haunted House – Vishnulal Sudha


Name of Participant : Vishnulal Sudha

The Haunted House

The clock rang again. It’s 2 am. He closed his eyes tight to feel the safety of being seen by none. But still it’s haunting him hard. His unconscious computes a wholesome notion of fear which is becoming a road bump for his sleep. He was lying there now for almost 4 hours. He is in his nylon sheeted bed and the AC is working fine but still he is sweating hard. He changed his posture, roofed him inside the blanket; concealed his face with pillow, but all went in vein. The fact is that he couldn’t sleep. He got up from the bed, drank the water kept on the table beside the bed. He checked the clock again. Its 2.05 am. All this has summed up to just 5 minutes. He felt annoyed. He realized that he must keep himself awake the whole day. A deep sigh let his emotions consolidate in to a more meaningful entity.

He went close to the door. His hands were shivering. He opens the door half way, just to peep through, to the outside hall and shut it in an instance engulfing an unfathomable woe. His heart beat pumps in. “She is there”, his mind boggles.

He regained his breath. It’s just 2.10 am. He needs to survive the whole night. His thoughts curved furiously and assemble back in to an answer which he was striving for. His woe gave way to anguish which was implicit in his grave expression in his eyes which he spotted soon after the sudden revelation. He opened the door and stroll closer to the lady, who is sitting beside dining table. She was pale white in color with dead eyes. Her hair was withered adding a ghostly sway which is barely ignorable. She hardly noticed him and began to eat the food kept on the table. Her saliva pours out of her mouth and fall in to the food plate but she didn’t notice that and kept her chewing intact. The white attire she wears completes the fear quotient which was needed to address him. Her face was impassive but he can read the melancholy in her eyes which helps him overcome his fear. He warmed his French beard with a touch of his hand and his blue eyes glitter in the steep light coming outside the window. He sat on the chair beside her and gazed in to her food plate.
He seized her plate to her alarm and placed it in front of him. The girl never moved or repelled. The man with blue eyes started chewing food from that plate. All of a sudden something raids his attention. The TV was working and a man with pale dead eyes is watching it. It took him a second to understand the clan of the man who is watching TV as he also is wearing the same white dress. Before he move closer to that man, he spit the chewed food back in to the plate and gave the girl a dirty smile. The girl’s eye collides with him. It was filled with pain.

As he reached close to the man, he grasped the remote from him and in a second he changed the channel which the white dressed fellow is watching. The white dressed man stared at him but he too was irresponsive. This made the blue eyed man smile with his eyes wide open.

He saw a small baby girl of same clan playing with a balloon a bit away from him. He throws away the remote in his hand and went closer to that girl. The white dressed ghostly figured man could do nothing but watch him with the agony which he could never decode in to tears.
The same way he snatched a grab on the balloon and without any mercy he tears it apart. The baby girl stands there cold. She could wish for tears which abandoned her already. The distress in the face of that small child made him happy. He gave a fierce laugh.

He heard something hit on the floor. He pepped to see one more of same breed. This one was a bit old. This one was using a walking stick. His specs drop in to the floor and since his leg is weak, he is unable to pick it from there but was trying for the same. The man with blue eyes went near to him. He breaks the goggles with his bare foot and took away the walking stick of old man. The old man slipped on to the floor and began to wheeze hard. This made the other ghostly figures to come there assembled around the old man. They couldn’t help him or can pray for him. They can simply stand there with a stooped head. The old man began to wheeze hard and the sound turns in to an unexplainable descant. This made the man with blue eyes laugh hard at him, and at all. His panic was gone. His rejuvenating laugh stopped when the clock turns to 5 am. He went to the bathroom and began to brush his teeth. The white dressed people were still there unmoved. The old man was still wheezing. The man with blue eyes and outfitted French beard closed the door of bathroom and turn on the shower.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

The clock rang 11 am. The fan on the ceiling was turning slowly. The man with blue eyes is sleeping, sitting on the chair and his face on the table. His table is filled up with files and heavy loaded books. A few people are standing in front of them. One will take few minute to identify those people as the same that were of that white dressed clan. Now they are dressed colorfully and they are sweating hard. They are looking in to the watch every now and then. But they are keeping their calm and waiting in that queue may be for that blue eyed man to wake up. Beside them, there is a larger queue where the people standing in it are noting down something on there not pad which is displayed there on a wide white board. And the board says “You can bribe me here on the below account number” and below stated the account number. The sweating small queue eyed cuttingly in to the name board kept on the table beside the blue eyed man. It read as “B.T.Shanmukhavel, Public Service Commissioner”.