Travel Safe – Emilia Mary Oommen


Author      : Emilia Mary Oommen
Company : D+H

Travel Safe

Thank God! It’s Friday!

Almost all employees have this feel on Friday. Of course, I am one among them.. 🙂

Most of the staff working in Technopark travel back to their native place on Friday! For long distance travel, people usually choose the train. Even though Kochuveli station is 8km away from Technopark, we opt this station for our Friday evening travel because of certain trains from this station.

For me like all the other employees, the most enthusiastic workday would be Friday. I make sure that the to-do list are completed so that Iam able to onboard on time. Usually I have 3 friends accompanying me in the same train. Even though we try our level best to finish everything on time, a last min tasks may be expected due to the nature of our work.

This incident happened on SUCH A FRIDAY, as we were all set to go however; one of our friends had got a task as he was just about to leave. It would take at least 30 minutes to reach the specified station from our office. Unfortunately, we had to wait till our friend completes his additional task and we hardly had only 20 minutes left before the train starts from the station.

Usually we see few auto- rickshaws in front of the Leela Building, which makes our travel easier. On that particular Friday we couldn’t find a single one! How strange!

We knew the value of each minute and we couldn’t wait even a single minute more in front of Leela. Four of us had to run to the front gate to catch an auto and finally we got one. We requested the auto driver to rush and take us to the station. Unfortunately, there was heavy traffic during that time. The driver couldn’t help much! When we finally reached the station, we could hear the whistle of the train. All of us were sad and desperate.

The train started moving. 🙁 I noticed the coach S4 pass by and thought about the seats we booked two days ago in that coach. When I looked at the moving train again I had the sudden thought that I could dare myself and get into the train – That idea would have come from my heart; not from brain anyway – the thought of having to wait for another train with no confirmed seat moreover the 3 boys who were eagerly waiting at home to see me come home. Beautiful thought, isn’t it?

Without checking with anyone, I just jumped into the moving train. It was foolish and not easy as I expected. I managed to jump in however; I fell down inside the coach. The next moment, one of my other friend followed me. Fortunately, she also managed to get inside the coach safely but it was the last sleeper coach which is S14.

We waited for a few seconds for the others to join us…but… we realized that they didn’t make it. We started shivering with fear, not knowing what exactly had happened to our dear friends. We looked all over the platform for both, but we couldn’t see them anywhere. With a heavy heart and trembling hands I tried calling to their mobiles. But I didn’t get any response! Suddenly we felt that the train started to slow down and a cold shiver ran through our spines. We wondered what could have been the reason for the train to slow down.

Lots of different thoughts went through my brain and I regretted the moment I decided to jump into the train. We tried to call them again, but there was no answer. The train was just about to stop and we had an apprehensive feeling that something bad had happened.

We looked at each other with a panicked face and I couldn’t barely breathe and stop from crying. The fellow travelers were trying to help and console us. Our lips started muttering prayers to prevent something that might crack our hearts.

After a few minutes of panic passed by, with God’s grace we got a call back from them. They had informed us that they couldn’t get into the sleeper coach but they managed to get into the general coach – which is the last coach of that train. Some passengers managed to give them a hand and helped to pull them into the coach.

We thanked God Almighty again and again and continued our journey with a firm decision that we would never ever jump into a moving train.

I share this incident with you to request you NOT to attempt to get into a moving train. Rather please organize your work such that you can finish things on time. Especially on Fridays, have some buffer time as well to accommodate any last minute important tasks. Always reach station at least 10 minutes in advance so that you can avoid the last minute hassle.

Wishing you all a safe travel!!

Thank you.