Submitted Suggestions to Social welfare department to end atrocities towards children by Prathidhwani

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Prathidhwani has submitted its campaign survey  suggestions to Social welfare department to end atrocities towards children. Please see the details below

Dear Dr. M K Muneer Sir,

Prathidhwanisocio cultural organization of technopark employees has done a survey and campaign against atrocities towards children.  Please go through the campaign details and suggestions came up below.


Prathidhwani‘s Campaign against atrocities towards children

“Children in kerala are not safe, not even in their homes”, it is the takeout  from newspaper headings in Kerala. Child abuse and molestation is on rise beyond compare .In today’s IT world people doing extended working hours is  normal. We are living in a world where more individualization of life is happening, we are comfortable not bothering to the sounds or screams next wall !.Where are IT couple’s children?. They Must be in 1) some day care, 2)  with servants or  3) few lucky ones with their grandparents. Break down of traditional family system into micro and children living an “Independent  life after marriage” has necessitated 1 and 2 options as the maximum. How do we ensure our children are safe?.

They are in tender ages and they cannot speak up what they are subjected to!!

Few Incidents Happened in Kerala in the recent past

  1. Aksa, 4 years was subjected to sexual and physical torture by his mother’s lover and died with broken spine.
  2. Shafeeq, 4 years was subjected to gruesome torture by step mother and father and was in ventilator for weeks, he is recovering in Velloor.


We need to understand “Children are assets of society than family”. They are future work force of nation. If they are mistreated, they are criminals of the future!A society need to swing into action in this juncture than being merely spectators and sympathizers in TV channels and Social Media. How this issue could be tackled from an individual perspective as well as social perspective?

We consolidated the suggestions and please see the suggestions below for your kind consideration.

For Government
1)      Make Access to health care and social services for all children.
2)      Government should enact a “Child security Act” to protect Children’s from such abuse which make sure that such criminals get punished.
3)      A Mandatory Monthly physical checkup of children by government doctors of same sex, without presence of parents/guardian till they are 10 age.
4)      Health Worker visit to each home and should see each child in each month.
5)      Information regarding  child sex offenders should be made available to the public
6)      Rehabilitation of child crime victims through services and programs to aid in recovery and minimize long term effects on development.
Develop strategies to promote reporting of crimes against children.
For IT Companies
1)      More Part time work Options for Parents
2)       More  Maternity Leave duration atleast 2 years
3)      Mandatory work from Home option for working parents in IT till kids attain age of 4
4)      Integrated Facilities for childcare with company
For Schools
1)      Mandatory awareness session once in 3 months
2)      Mandatory counselling for  children in each three months
3)      Mandatory back ground verification of all employees and teachers
For Individual
1)      Spend quality time with children and create an atmosphere for discussion
2)      do background check of servants and babysitters
3)      promote an integrated family system with parents and grandparents.

Yours faithfully,


Socio-Cultural Organisation of Technopark