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Author : Sujay Sivasankaran
Company : Zafin
Email : sujay.sivasankaran@zafin.com

Tale from Mahabharatha – Mother Earth waits with patience and hope

                                               After the glorious war of Mahabharatha, King Yudhishtira was ruling Hasthinapura . Krishna also was with the Pandavas and acted  as an Advisor to the King.

One fine day, two people came to the court before the King  with a peculaiar argument.

It goes like this-

Those were two farmers . Dharaman and Thribhuvan.  Dharaman had seven acre of agricultural land which he wanted to sell for constructing a new home.  He had sold it for sixteen coins of gold to Thribhuvan.

The deal happened one month ago and both had settled the paper works as well.

After one month when Thribhuvan planned to start agriculture in that land with newly bought Barley grain seeds. Thribhuvan had the business of exporting Barley Bread to neighbouring states.

When the bulls started carting the land, surprisingly the workers got stuck with a pot . They informed the landlord Thribhuvan and he came to examine the pot. To his astonishment, it was a pot filled with a bunch of bright gold coins. ´Oh God’ exclaimed Thribhuvan.

Thribhuvan thought in his mind – ‘The pot might have been lying there for years and only because Dharaman did not find it, this had reached my hands. Also he had paid Dharaman the cost for the land only. So ideally it should belong to Dharaman only’

He sent a messenger to Dharaman to come to the field. Dharaman came in couple of hours and Thribhuvan told him all incidents that happened. He requested Dharaman to take the gold pot with him.

Dharamam thought the other way – ‘When I sold the land to Thribhuvan I sold the entire belongings of the land as well. So there is no way I can claim this gold and it will be unethical. This is a mere lucky moment for Thribhuvan and he should happily take the gold coins as belsiings of Goddess Lakshmi’

Both requested each other to take the gold pot and both refused to take it thinking that it is unethical .

The dispute had been reached to the whole village and some senior members of the village were approcahed for an Ethical and Dharmic solution. But they as well perplexed with the arguments of the truthful farmers.

Finally they decided to approach King’s court for a verdict.

King Yudhishtira after hearing all the story looked at Krishna with a sigh. He was amazed at the truthfulness of his people. Krishna smiled gently. The king took pride in the truth that his people held at their heart.

But even he was confused to derive at a solution. He requested Krishna to help him to reach out a solution. Krishna said ‘ It seems this is quite difficult for me to say a solution all of a sudden, till I derive on a logic to find a solution, the gold coins can be kept under King’s custody.

Both parties agreed.

Days went ahead. King Yudhishtira reminded Krishna to derive a solution for the problem. He suggested -why the coins can be splitted to equally and then can be given to both of them. Krishna just smiled and told – ‘King, you please wait couple of days more’.

After two days, both Dharaman and Thribhuvan appeared in front of the court. They enquired whether a solution was proposed by Krishna.  It was not.

Dharaman said to the King’ Respected His Higness – When I was selling the land , I intended to sell the land alone. Not any other property inside it. And the deal papers says it clearly that Thrubhuvan had paid only for the seven acres of land. So legally the pot belongs to me’.

Thribhuvan interrupted the argument ’ Dear King – The deal papers say that after buying the land, the sole ownership of the land lies with me and I have the freedom to do whatever I want with the properties of the land. Adding to that, I had the generous mind of informing Dharaman about the pot. If in case I had not informed him, I could have easily taken the gold coins myself. So please accept my rights on the gold coin’

The king got double surprised now and asked – ‘you both were trying to avoid ownership of the pot last time , and now you quarrel each other like animals without thinking on Dharma. I pity on what happened with your behaviour.’

Both Dharaman and Thribhuvan kept silent.

The sad King looked at his friend-advisor  Krishna for a reason of this change.

Krishna said – ‘My Dear Yudhistira –Please Understand Kaliyuga had started. It is a time people will start deviating from Dharma. Ethical values will come down. Hardly there will be any man who will be honest and sincere. The rulers will go corrupt. The people as well. The man with unholy money very well be respected by the society. The cruel and corrupt will join their hands. People who live ethically and truthful will be fooled by the tricky ones. The true man will be at perish and society will laugh at him for not being tricky.  Such is the time neighbour will quarrel with neigbour and country with country. Such is the time people will sell ‘air’ and ‘water’ for money. Such is the time people will be greedy and go behind wealth in a unholy manner.Such is the time children will bare their parents, and children will be left with unknown parents ‘

‘Oh Krishna, how mother earth will bear such  children’

‘She will be sad and painful. She may feel to die herself, but will not. You know why – Even between these darkeness, there will be rays of hope. Good man and woman . Their prayers.The innocent smile of the kids. The true and honest men although small in numbers. Their good deeds. The love they share with others.  The hope that they hold in their hearts. The brave and proud soldiers who fight against evils. The good teachers who want to grow up students for a better world. ‘

Krishna sighed deeply. ‘ Who wants to stand as a witness here? King – Detach yourself and start your journey for Sannyasa. Let the Time take its own journey and route.’

Like Krishna said – The Mother Earth still  believe on the hope of the good hearted people and strive her best to bring back this world to a cradle of harmony. – A place where no battle is required to prove religion or power. Where Her resources are shared equally. A place where rich and powerful helps the poor and weaken. A place where children are no tortured. A place where parents are well treated by their children.”

Mother Earth looks with hope on her eyes for that world and tells – come my children , help me to create such a world before I die.