TechnOLYMPICS for IT professionals by Asianet

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As part of various activities in celebration of 20 years of formation of Asianet, they have announced the launch of the first edition of a sporting event titled TechnOLYMPICS on 22nd March 2014, to rejuvenate & kindle the sportsman spirit of the IT professionals.

TechnOLYMPICS is a competitive event for various Athletic disciplines such as Sprint races, Jump & Throw events, etc. The Track & Field events will be held at the sprawling University Stadium, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram.

Events will be held separately for Male & Female. Though most of the events are for Individuals, there are group event such as Relay races where the Group or Company can field a team.

The events promise to be challenging and rewarding besides fun-filled. Individual Prizes and certificates will be given to the Winners. TechnOLYMPICS will be aired on the ACV Bouquet of channels.

Interested employees may please register online at ( )