Technopark employee Santhosh holds his maiden painting exhibition from March 1 to March 5 at Museum Auditorium

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For techie Santhosh Kumar S., painting gives a much-needed relief from his tight work schedules. He is absolutely ecstatic about his maiden exhibition which begins at Museum Auditorium on March 1. Although he is an untrained artist, this employee of UST Global in Technopark has been hooked to painting since childhood. “There was a long gap in between, but I resumed my passion in 2009,” says Santhosh, a native of Neyyattinkara.


The exhibition is actually the first in the series he is planning to do. “The series is titled, ‘Prayaan’. This exhibition is based on flowers and is called ‘Into the enchanting fragrance of floret’,” he says. Why flowers? “Because flowers represent nature the best,” he says. His favourite among the lot is the expanse of poppy fields.

He says the paintings are neither realistic nor abstract. While most of the works are done in acrylics, a few water colour paintings will also be exhibited. “I’m learning mural painting from artist George Fernandes. It was he who inspired me to hold this exhibition,” says Santhosh.

Of the 35 works to be displayed, five are paper quilling works, an art which Santhosh specialises in. The work is done using paper strips of different colours. You coil each strip with a tool and then uncoil it before gluing it on paper. Then each strip can be shaped into any desired image and glued to the base card. Santhosh has been selling his handmade greeting cards with paper quilling work online. These greeting cards, meant for all occasions, will be kept for sale at the exhibition.

Santhosh also has a collection of miniature paintings for sale. “Those who can’t afford to buy regular paintings, can choose from the mini works, especially to gift somebody. These works are not themed around flowers only,” he adds.

The exhibition concludes on March 5. Time: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.