Technopark will not have Monorail service!

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The Thiruvananthapuram Monorail is a rail-based mass rapid transit system planned for the city of Thiruvananthapuram. The Government of Kerala entrusted National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NATPAC), an autonomous research body under the State Government, to conduct the feasibility study of the proposal to build a monorail system in Thiruvananthapuram. It is estimated that 40% of the present traffic can be taken off the road from the capital city once monorail comes.

Now, the project is extended to Technocity, and unfortunately, Technopark is out of the network!

The project will be implemented in two phases with the first phase extending from Technocity near Pallippuram to Thampanoor (22.2 km) and the second phase from Thampanoor to Neyyattinkara (19.6 km).A total of 35 stops are proposed for the entire phase from Pallippuram to Neyyattinkara.

As many as 19 stops have been identified for the first phase. The stops are planned in a distance of 800 to 1500 meters. Technocity extention, Technocity, Pallipuram (Proposed for the yard), Thamarakulam, Kaniyapuram, RVTI Junction, Kazhakkoottam, Kariyavattom, Pangappara Guru Mandir, Pangappara CH Memorial School, Sreekariyam, Pongumoodu, Ulloor, Kesavadasapuram, Pattom, Plamoodu, Palayam, Statue, Thampanoor etc. are the stops proposed in the first phase. The proposal includes double storied stations, ticket counters, escalators, over bridge, shopping complexes and air conditioned low floor buses for feeder service. Hotels, Snack bars, Shopping complexes etc. are also proposed for the Monorail company targeting higher income. There would be feeder service from city center to various sub-urban areas and vice versa which will be implemented with low-floor A/C buses.

The second phase of the project from Thampanoor to Neyyattinkara (19.6 km) has 16 stations. Killipalam, Karamana, Kaimanam, Pappanamcode, Karakkamandapam, Vellayani Junction, Pravachambalam, Pallichal, Paroorkuzhi, Mudavoorpara, Balaramapuram, Vazhimukku, Pathamkallu, Moonukallumoodu, Aalummoodu, Neyattinkara etc are the stops proposed in the second phase.

Proposed Monorail Route (Click to Enlarge)

And regarding Technocity, there is only one project committed to Technocity (Infosys) which might need monorail service. The other commitment is from TCS, which would develop a global training centre, a self-contained township – so there is no need of a daily mass rapid system. This is not to say monorail service should not be extended to Technocity. Extending even to Attingal is a good idea, since this would allow the city to grow north. But this should not be at the cost of bypassing Technopark.

The usual problems of land acquisition, and resistance from the local residers are not applicable for a monorail network through Technopark, since all land is available either with the University of Kerala Campus or with Technopark. No single family has to be evicted or no businesses shifted. Just two extra kilometers, and 30,000 users PER DAY may find it useful. The only people who may suffer are the auto drivers who may be shifted, so that they act as feeder services, along with “Tech Express” bus services and the proposed low-floor services, from the Technopark monorail station to Phase 3 of Technopark. Note that HCL, Accenture and many others have committed to the Phase 3, and L&T is building up one of the finest IT parks there. So, more companies are likely to come up here than in the real-estate-lobby-inflated Technocity.

The monorail project is now in the hands of DMRC. Be sure to raise your voice for the inclusion of Technopark in the project. Take this up with your HR representatives, with Technopark, with the local media, and with your elected representatives. A united action now, can make the difference of a lifetime!  Your valuable comments can even reach the Central Government authorities which will help the change in course of this monorail project. Act, Now!