Tender coconut parlor near TCS building

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The new tender coconut parlor ‘Tender palace’, became an instant hit as more than 300 sales were recorded on the first day itself. The parlor was opened on Thursday in Technopark premises by the Coconut Development Board. The success of tender coconut stall at Infopark inspired the CCB to open similar one in Technopark. The parlor is located near TCS building. Tender coconut is available for Rs. 20. Door step delivery is also available.

“The new kiosk will be a great help, especially as the temperature is soaring. When Rs 15 is charged for a lime juice inside Technopark, this fresh and energizing natural drink at Rs 20 is more than worth,” said Jose Antony, a techie.

For Orders, call: 9747993450

Courtesy : Technoparktoday.com