The burnt offering ! – Rakesh Sasidharan

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Author     : Rakesh Sasidharan
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                                                                                  The burnt offering !

“My daddy is the world’s best daddy. I Love my Daddy “- Abraham read those words scribbled down by his child, with trembling hands and pale lips. In his tension and grief, without his knowledge he bit his lips and had forgotten to breathe. He let out a long sigh and pearls of sadness dripped down his cheeks. The face had become the colour of a pale evening sky because of the toxins and poison in his body. Anyone could say that he was sick. Good that his son is not able to see him now. Of course when the system in your body shuts down and toxins increase and sediment – You are sick!
“You are sick”- the doctor had told him a week ago. “With both kidneys not functioning now, Abe, the toxin levels are increasing. You will need a dialysis daily from now on until we receive a matching kidney. We are trying our best Abe. You know, with kidney it’s very hard to find a match. The medications will help but dialysis is the main focus and help for us now. A spouse’s kidney would have been more suitable in this case.”
Abe felt his fingers around the ring. The flesh bulged around the ring now .Twenty five years is a long time to develop the flesh around it.
“No, she is no more. She passed away so many years back. She went immediately after giving Isaac into my hands.”
“Oh, am sorry, since you had the ring, I thought she is still there and you are married”-said the doctor.
“I am still married doctor. Married to her memories for the past twenty five years. It’s those memories which helped me bring up Isaac.She loved me so much and would do anything for me – My Ria.
“How about your son. How old is Isaac. Can’t we try his?  “- asked the doctor.
“What are you saying doctor, he’s just a young boy. He has got years to live. I am old.Old leaves fall away for the new ones”
“Yes I understand your fear of him having one kidney, but I believe  he has the  best compatible blood type. How old is he?”-asked the doctor
“He is twenty five. But I don’t want him to suffer anything that I suffer. I would rather die than let him suffer any pain. I took care of him all by myself not for his kidney or for his money. I see my Ria in him.  Each time he smiles , I see Ria smiling at me.
“Ok doc let me push off. I will come for dialysis as long as the pension allows. In case you find me missing for long please call Isaac to come down, this is his number. He will be too busy with his work in U.S. Poor thing I don’t want to disturb him with my handicaps.”
“Hello, this is doctor Edwin calling from Medicity hospital. Is this Isaac?”
“Yes this is Isaac, what is this about?”
“Isaac, I am your dad’s doctor. I am a nephrologist. Some months back, we diagnosed your dad with faulty kidneys. He strictly asked me not to let you know.”
“Oh my God, I can’t believe this. I speak with him daily. He seemed weak but he never mentioned anything about this. I have been calling him to come to U.S. He always slighted it off, asking me to concentrate on my work and my ambitions.”-answered Isaac.
“A couple of month’s back one kidney stopped functioning and I am sorry to say that yesterday’s report shows that both the kidneys are completely inactive.”- informed the doctor hesitantly.
“With all due respect to you doctor, could we bring him to US? We have specialised doctors here I believe.” – inquired Isaac.
“Unfortunately I think we don’t have an option here. I am a surgeon who travels to the US to do similar surgeries and Abe is a close friend of mine .I have always given him the best medical care possible.
We are urgently looking out for donors for Abe, but we didn’t succeed yet. We are running short of time Isaac.
I have only one question. I know you are young and you have a long way to go but are you willing to donate a kidney, for Abe, your father.
A flash of agony bolted through Isaac’s spine. His projects – His girlfriend- their dreams- His ambitions, all appeared in that instant in front of him. He felt like his whole life depended on that one answer.
“Doctor, I am sorry I never thought about that. It never struck me. I was thinking about getting from other donors as money is not at all a problem now.
But, If I don’t give it for my dad, who will. If I don’t say yes then there is no point in this life, breath or heartbeat. I don’t remember my mother. But I saw my mom in my dad.”While saying those words sweet memories of his dad took over. Dad taking him to school. The many days when his dad fed him food, put him to sleep. The pain and suffering his dad went through to be with him always. The beautiful future that he dreamt a moment ago seemed so irrelevant in front of his dad and his life- some more years to love him and some more years to bathe in his dad’s unending and selfless love.
“Doctor, I am coming down as early as possible. We will schedule the surgery as soon as I meet you in person.”-confirmed Isaac.
Abe heard everything that the doctor was telling him over the phone. But the words did not fall into his ears. His dear Issac had grown up…. so much….so bigger than his father. He choked on his words- that painful lump in his throat which muffled the “I Love you so much son” that the doctor didn’t hear it. He shed tears listening to his son’s words repeated by the doctor. He hung up thanking the doctor and promising him to be back for dialysis.
The sixteen hours journey by air seemed like a lifetime for Isaac.He longed to be in his father’s loving embrace. He wished he could undo all that is happening to his dad right now.
When Isaac saw the closed door, he got reminded about the many surprises his dad gave him when he was young. Tears warmed those memories when he pushed open the door and walked up to his dad’s slouched figure on the couch.
Dried blood had stained a photo that his father clutched onto his chest – a photo of his mom. A small paper fell from under that. He picked it up. A small boy had scribbled – “My daddy is world’s best daddy. I Love my daddy.”
He felt the numbness breaking and the dam of agony rolling down when he read below the neat and legible writing of his dad – “You are young and have many more years to go. I will Love you always- Daddy!”
He slumped down on his dad and cried bitterly.
The Bible that lay open on the table read :
Genesis 22:7-8
And Isaac said to his father: “Father, “The fire and wood are here,”  “but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?”
Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” And the two of them went on together.