The Choice – Visakh B Nair

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Name of Participant : Visakh B Nair
Company : QBurst Technologies

The Choice

9:59 pm

The needle on the speedometer was at 60 mph. The weather looked rough and the road ahead was hazy. But I didn’t mind that. My intentions were crisp and clear, at least for me. I felt a cool breeze across my face, that made my eyes heavy.

Anna: Darling, why do you look so dull?

Sam: Nothing!

Anna: No, there is something wrong. I have been watching you for a while.

Sam didn’t say a word.

Anna: To be honest, today’s party was one of the best we’ve had since our marriage.

Anna kept on blabbering about the party, quite oblivious of the fact that Sam wasn’t even half listening.

Anna: Did you notice the diamond necklace that Stacy wore today? I was wondering if…

Anna stopped the conversation noticing Sam’s dreariness.

Anna: Hey Sam, what’s the matter? Is anything bothering you?

Sam (after a short pause): Yes!!!

Anna (worried): Tell me, what is it?

Sam braked the car suddenly.

Sam: Who’s John?

Anna (shocked): What?? I…Which John??

Sam (shouting): Enough..!!! I don’t have the time for this right now. So speak up, how long have you been in this affair? I want to know the truth.

Anna: Sam, please. Stop such groundless allegations. Someone might have misled you. I…I have never cheated on you.

Sam calmed himself and opened the car dashboard. He took out a picture.

Sam (showing the picture): Now, tell me. Who is this guy holding your hand?

Anna (dumbstruck): Oh..this..I…I…

Sam (furious): You cheat!!! Not a word more. How could you be so cruel? All this time you have been cheating on me.

Anna: Oh please Sam, please stop.

Sam: NO!!!!

Saying this Sam grasped Anna’s neck and choked her. Anna pushed Sam back with all her strength. Sam’s head hit the steering wheel and the sudden impact knocked him off his senses. Making use of this opportunity, Anna opened the door and ran towards their house.

A minute later….

Beep beep!

The alarm in my watch started to ring. I regained my consciousness and snoozed the alarm. I felt relieved knowing that all this will end tonight and I would have no regrets. I opened the car dashboard and took out a pistol. I could see the house just a few metres away from my car. Outside a drizzle had started.

Me (with a shrewd smile): Anna!! I am coming for you.

I reached the front door and noticed that it wasn’t locked. I wondered how she could have left it open.

I entered the main hallway and looked at the clock above the big cupboard. The time showed 10:07 pm. I looked upstairs but couldn’t see anyone there.

Suddenly the phone rang.

Tring tring…..tring tring….tring tring…

I hesitated for a moment. “Should I pick it up?”

Tring tring…tring tring..

Eventually I made up my mind and picked it up.

It was a man’s voice at the other end: Honey, I will be there in 15 minutes Please be ready. Love you. Bye.

I hung up.

Me (smirked): Love ??.

I moved up the stairs slowly with the pistol in my hand.

Me (with a wicked smile): Anna, darling. Where are you?

No reply.

I reached upstairs and saw Anna standing on the balcony looking outside.

I called her name once again with whatever love was left in me… for the last time..

Me: Anna!!!

She turned around, gasped in horror at the sight of me. I could see fear in her eyes at the sight of my pistol.

Anna (begging): Please don’t do this. I can explain. Please!!

Me (smiling): Good bye Anna.

The gunshot went straight through her heart.

Anna (dying): Sam…Sam..

Even those last words from her hurt me.

Beep beep!

The alarm in my watch rang once again. The time read 10:10 pm. I snoozed the alarm, walked downstairs, opened the front door and headed towards my car.

I have no regrets for what I have done. It is always painful to be cheated on by someone whom you loved so dearly. She shouldn’t have done that.

I entered the car, opened the dashboard and placed my pistol inside. I then came out with a file which read “The Institute For The Psychological Sciences – Diagnosis Report”.

I went to the first page of the file – “Maladaptive Daydreaming”.

—————————————————————————-few days back———————————————————————————

Me: I find myself missing hours and days dreaming about her and in those dreams she still loves me. I know these are not real, but I can’t stop it.

Doctor: This is an acute case of Maladaptive Daydreaming. Since when have you been experiencing this?

Me: From the day she left me. I loved her once and still can’t stop loving her. I can’t see her as somebody else’s. This feeling itself is making me think of killing her.

“Sam: Who’s John?

Anna (shocked): What?? I…Which John??”

Me: The dreams might last just for a minute or might go for hours. Now I can’t differentiate between real life and my dreams.

Doctor: When you are alone, set an alarm on your watch to go off and then press snooze every time it does. This will ring an alarm every ten minutes that can hopefully pull you out of your daydream, if you’re having one.

“Sam (shouting): Enough..!!! I don’t have the time for this right now. So speak up, how long have you been in this affair? I want to know the truth.”

Me: But the sad part is, I still don’t know why I love her so much at least in my dreams if not in real. I really need to get rid of this feeling. Doctor, please help me.

Doctor: To be honest, there is no actual remedy for this. One thing you have to understand is that, this is not love any more, it is pure envy that she’s not yours. Get over this somehow or find a solution that would put an end to this feeling.

“Sam just calmed himself and then opened the car dashboard. He came out with a picture.”


I closed the medical report. The patient name read: John Doe.

“Sam (showing the picture): Now, tell me. Who is this guy holding your hand?”

I placed the file back into the dashboard and took out a photo of me holding hands with my once dear Anna.

Yes, I envied Sam because he got what I deserved. If that is a sin, what she did was even bigger. Sometimes you would need to make choices for yourself rather than thinking over it. She chose Sam over me only because she saw a more perfect future with him. So, I have made mine and I am sure now that I would never dream again.

I tore the photo into pieces, threw it out of the car and drove off with a smirk.