The defeated God – Vineeth Krishnan

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Author      : Vineeth Krishnan
Company : Infoblox Inc.

The defeated God

Somewhere in the darkest corners of the universe, God, the naked and Satan, the freak, met.

“You God, the omnipotent, don’t you have anything even to wear?” asked Satan sarcastically.

“I renounced it, from the moment you defined colors to it. Now I wear the sky, the indefinite.”

“LOL, I can do that even now, the Blue!”

God remained quiet, looking down.

‘What happened? You look gloomy!” – asked Satan

God didn’t say anything for a while. After a long silence, he said,

“The win has always been yours. Many times I came down to earth as Krishna, as Christ, as Mohammed and defeated you, you reverted through their own descendants.

When I resurrected myself through love and spirituality, you brought in religion and color.

Every time I smiled through each prophet I sent down there, you laughed back through their own priests.

You chose my own ways to defeat me!

Enough! , no more of this game!! To win for the last time, I am finishing all these.”

God murmured to himself, raising his reddish, tearful eyes towards Satan.

Satan too, raising his evil glowing fiery reddish eyes, concealing a thousand laughs inside, said to God-

“You go ahead bro, I support you to my fullest!”