The Forbidden Kingdom – Arun Jayachandran

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Author      : Arun Jayachandran
Company : Allianz Managed Operations and Services

The Forbidden Kingdom

Centuries much before the ruins
Look into my illustrious past
Make the way for this jubilant tyranny
I call upon peace, my estranged brother

Oh my fortune teller
There is my gratitude now
For I stand with my hands folded,
My lips taste vengeance, my heart enriched with pride
Tell me if the heavens have bestowed
For I am the one true slayer
What else should I beseech?
For we never practice what we preach

This is the forbidden kingdom, Summons
Oh my final word, Retreat
This is the reigning God, listen
Children of lesser divine, Retreat

Mothers and Daughters raped to death
Sons of this land, skinned alive
This isn’t justified holocaust
This isn’t holy war either
It’s raining pellets here
It has always rained blood
Aren’t we bereaved and celebrated often!
Weren’t we all branded terrorists or traitors?

May Day, May Day, May Day
A portrait looms large
A ball of fire
Sky has descended, devastated scenes
This is chaos, my country men
I see ruptured, penetrated skulls
Oh I witness unholy nexus
Are we indeed, destined to hell?

Remember I am your dreary withered cousin
Grappled, feared and yet crumbled upon
This is the forbidden kingdom, Summons
Oh my final word, Retreat!