The Green Dot – Raymond Roblin Donston

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Author      : Raymond Roblin Donston
Company : Allianz

The Green Dot
There on the right hand corner
Below the bright rectangular screen
On the page that loaded the book of faces
I took a stroll down memory lane
And sat fervently looking for a Green dot

As memories flashed before my eyes
Of tears and smiles
and joy and sorrow
the good and the bad, both we shared
I sat impatiently looking for a Green dot.

Oh! My…Can I believe my eyes?
Is this a dream? I pinched myself
For there before my teary eyes
Very next to her Icon and her name
The Green dot bloomed bright and clear.

My heart skipped a beat or two
I tried to fix a smile on my face

Two shiny little pearls ran down my cheeks
As I continued to stare at the Green dot
A Green dot, that was once my world

My heart still pounding fast
I sat speechless and numb,
Bewildered and baffled
At the questions from my inner self
My hands reached out to the mouse
Once again to reach to my Green dot

Looking at the shackles that I created for myself
Holding me back from starting to type
Questions and questions, rained one after the other
What will I ask and how will I begin?
The Green dot shone brighter and brighter

“I am sorry dear!”
Eh! No…”
Will you forgive me?”
“Let me explain…”I fumbled for a beginning
Alas, I was too late lost in thought
When suddenly the Green dot disappeared
Never to turn Green again.