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Author : Ajitha Krishnan
Company : RM Education Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

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“We are such stuff
As dreams are made on,
And our little life is rounded,
Off with sleep”.

(From Shakespeare’s play” TEMPEST”)

These lines are inevitably appealing to the human life. We are natural beings. I believe that every God made creature dreams of life. Dreams give us hope and aspiration to live on. This is the core of Anu’s story.

After a tiring session in office Anu couldn’t withstand the pressure upon her. The day was not quite good for her. She had many unpleasant experiences. The bad mood had subdued her, which provoked her to go to bed.

It was just 5’0 clock in the evening, but she just wanted to have a quick nap. She didn’t realize when she closed her eyes and swept to the world of dreams.

She was walking on a barren land full of thorns and rocks. It was hurting her feet but she trailed through. She was following an enthralling voice which attracted her. She reached a place where she found a long leaf blade. It had a beaming outline. It was not an ordinary grass blade. She knelt down peeping at it. Suddenly a heavy wind passed on, and the leaf blade with its shining respectfully nodded before the wind.

Looking at her serene face the leaf blade gathered its strength and asked in a loud voice, “Hey, why are you sad?” .She was taken aback. She thought,” can a leaf blade speak?” She just couldn’t stand it, but she quickly popped out.” Its always bad luck for me and I just can’t avoid it. I am crushed under the fate”.

The leaf blade shined diligently as if it encouraged her.” Be Optimistic”. These words contained the core of courage drawing me more towards the leaf blade. It again continued……”Look at me; I am a grass blade which had stood against all the odds of this barren land. The bad experience which comes across is just the thorns which may hurt you, but can it bruise your soul’s confidence? Life is not a bed of roses. God has shown you the way, but your duty is just to cover it up. He may give you pleasures and grief, but He knows that you will withstand it because its He who is residing within you. Up thrust your confidence and boost it. Never ask” CAN I?”, but always be tempted to say “I CAN”. It is your aim. Arise and shine………………….

        She experienced something strange. Suddenly she woke up and felt a gradient of state with a lump of energy in me arousing confidence in her to face anything. The clock alarmed up and it was 6’0 clock in the morning. She got off my bed and opened the window. The sun rays spread through the window rails. What she saw outside really astonished her. A green leaf blade was shining in diligence as if surrounding her with its warmth.

Was it just a coincidence of my dreams or something else?