The Kidnapper – Visakh B Nair

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Author     : Visakh B Nair
Company : QBurst Technologies
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                                                                              The Kidnapper


10:30 pm

Have been waiting around for an hour. It’s time to start the operation. Looked around. The street was clear and no sign of anyone. All set to start the mission. So guys, before going into the house let me introduce myself. I am…. well.. Sorry can’t disclose my name. For the time being you can call me as ‘The Kidnapper‘. After constant persuasion my boss has finally confided in me and assigned me this job. He always thinks that I am a blockhead and good for nothing guy. I badly need to prove him wrong today. I had a look at the photo of the guy, John Mathews, the son of one of the wealthiest person in the city.

Me (smiling): 5 lakhs for taking him to my boss. Damn!! It’s a lot of money!!

10:40 pm

I reached the front door of the house and tried different keys to unlock it. Felt really surprised that there was not even a single security guard outside the house. May be this place would be one of his…

All of a sudden a young lady in shorts opened the door. She let out a short scream on seeing me.

Me (bit panicked): Please don’t shout. I am John’s friend. I had lent him one of my books yesterday. Came to take it back from him. Is John home?

The lady still in a bewildered state pointed upwards.

Me (smiling): Thanks. Actually I..

Before I could speak anymore the girl pushed me aside and ran through the gate.

Me (grinning): This gives me the answer why the guards are not around.

I closed the door behind me and went upstairs as per the girl’s instruction and reached a great hall. In the middle of the hall I saw John standing with raised hands. I wondered why he stood so. But soon I found out the reason. Standing just opposite to him was a bearded man holding a pistol in hand. John was standing at point-blank. I quickly hid behind the pillar in sight. What will I do now? Rather what should I do now? My 5 lakh Rupees is now at stake. If something happens to John then who am I going to kidnap? At any cost I should save him.

Man (with the pistol): Goodbye John. See you at hell.

Saying this he was about to pull the trigger, when the lights went off!!

10:50 pm

In 10 seconds the lights came back on. John was still standing with both his hands raised. The man with the beard also stood with his hand pointed at John. But surprisingly the pistol was missing. But me heroically stood with two pistols, one was mine and the other – you people could guess whose..:)

I quickly took a picture of a rather bewildered looking John using my cell phone.

Need to send this photo immediately to my boss and give him a shocking surprise. From today onwards he should never have a second thought while assigning me a job.

Once I was done with this I inspected the other gun I was holding with utter disgust. John slowly lowered his hands.

Me: Still using such an old fashioned gun!! I pity you. There are so many modern type of guns available now in the market. I hate using such guns. Hmm…take it..

I threw the pistol back to the bearded man. John watched all this in amazement and slowly raised his hands again.

Bearded man (to me): Thanks!!

He pointed his pistol once again at John.

OMG!!! What have I done? I have just spoiled a golden opportunity.

Me (pointing pistol at the bearded man): You better leave him. If not I will blow off your head.

John (smiling at the bearded man): Peter!! What are you going to do now? Now you see my man is here. You will never be able to leave this house alive. So take your gun off me before I order “Shekhar” to shoot you down.

John gave me a wink after saying this.

Me: Phew!! Your man?? Who do you think you are speaking to? I have come here to kidnap you. So be ready to come with me. And one more thing. My name is not Shekhar. I am..Sorry, can’t disclose my name. You can call me The Kidnapper.

John stood there confused.

Peter (calmly): I am least worried in my life. But can say one thing for sure. There won’t be any compromise. It’s going to be either you or I. Only one among us will leave this place alive.

All three of us were probably going through one of the worst situations in our lives.

11:00 pm

John: I suggest we all sit and have a talk. It’s quite tiring standing like this.

I looked at Peter. He remained unmoved. He still wore the shrewd expression on his face. To tell the truth my hand too ached.

John: Peter, I know I had done great injustice to you once. But it’s almost 5 years now. Why can’t we just forget that? I am ready to give whatever you ask for.

I stood surprised on hearing this. But Peter paid him no heed.

John: How much do you want? 5 lakhs, 10, 20??

I nearly dropped my pistol hearing this but controlled myself. Here I was getting just 5 lakhs for taking John to my boss. But at the same time Peter was being offered 20 lakhs just for pointing his pistol at John. Really unfair.

Peter: Will you be able to give back my five years which I have spent in prison for a crime I never committed?

John bent his head down.

Peter: If you are ready to do this, then I will spare your life.

John: Well Peter..I..

Peter (harshly): Say yes or no??

John (slowly): No.

Peter: Fine. That’s it. So let’s play a game now. In this pistol there is just one bullet. I am about to make three attempts on your life. Let’s see how lucky you are.

John, horrified on hearing this, inched backwards.

Me (to Peter): Hey, stop this drama!! Why do you think I am standing here? Actually I have no shortage of bullets and also is in a position to shoot you. So its better you drop off your gun and leave him to me.

Peter watched me closely and gave out a smile upon seeing my hand shivering.

Peter (to me): Young man!! I suggest you first learn how to hold a gun properly before giving out orders. And better get away from this place. This is between me and John.

John: Please Peter. Please stop!!!

As my shivering grew my gun slowly tilted downwards. But no one had time to notice that. I really don’t want to murder anyone.

Peter pulled the trigger. I closed my eyes. And John let out a sharp cry – Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

I opened my eyes. John was still alive. Attempt one complete. I breathed a sigh of relief. John kept on searching his head as if the bullet had hit him. He would probably die of shock now.

Peter (smiling): Lucky bastard you!!! Don’t worry, still two to go.

11:10 pm

I stared at the clock above the shelf. Have been here for about 30 minutes now. Shouldn’t waste another second. It’s now or never. Peter was about to make his second attempt. John inched backwards in fear. With all my strength I gave a flying kick to Peter. He must have never expected this and was taken by surprise. The gun flew from his hand and he fell. John went for the gun. I ran behind him. Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible. A common habit of mine gave way for this misfortune. My shoelace. I tripped stamping on it and what happened next you guys could imagine. It took me around a minute to regain consciousness. When I got up it was altogether a different scene. Peter stood with my gun pointed at John and John was pointing Peter’s gun at him.

I turned around the room to check if there were any hidden cameras. Nothing to be found. Suddenly I was distracted by John’s voice.

John: You still have my offer with you. 20 lakhs. Take it and leave. Otherwise I may have to fire at you.

Peter (smiling): John, John…do you think I’m that unlucky. You know the fact that there is just one bullet in that gun. And I stand here having a fully loaded gun. (looking at me) Thanks to ‘the kidnapper’. If you still wanna take a chance then come on, go at me!!

Ohh God!! How cruel?? Why always me?? Why?? Somehow or the other always in between misfortunes. Need to get out of this place now. What am I doing in between them? Either one of them is going to die for sure. And I don’t want to be a witness. I am sure my boss will understand and forgive me.

I slowly looked around myself and saw an open window. I decided to give it a try.

Peter: Come on John. Be a man at least for once in your life. Shoot me!! This will be your last chance.

I could see John placing his finger on the trigger. Peter stood still. And I was about to leap through the window when……


11:15 pm

My cell phone rang. Both Peter and John turned their attention towards me.

Me: I hope you guys don’t mind me attending this call.

Saying this I answered the call. But the voice from the other end almost made me dead silent. I cut the call and looked around the hall searching for something not so sure to find. The “TV Remote“. Both Peter and John stood there puzzled. I quickly turned the news on.

Flash News..

“Notorious don and most wanted man in the police list, Dev Anand, dies of a massive attack. Police have earlier made 13 attempts on his life all of which failed. But a particular MMS from an unknown source at around 11 pm today bought an unlikely end to this criminal. The city and police department are shell shocked by the incident.”

I stood looking at the TV screen with my mouth wide open. My boss’s photos were randomly being displayed on the screen. I never expected to give him such a shocking surprise. What am I going to do now? Where will I go now?

“The police department have assured a detailed enquiry on the incident and also arrest the rest of the gang members. Another update from our correspondent, the minister has announced a reward of 5 lakhs to the unknown sender of this MMS.”

On hearing this all of a sudden my eyes twinkled. I slowly let out a smile in disbelief. Misfortunes have suddenly turned into my fortunes.

Me (turning towards Peter): Hey Peter!! Every dog has a day and today is yours. And no one can stand in between you and justice, not even me. So I am leaving the place. John is now all yours. Wish you success!!

Even though this was sort of an odd end punch line, Peter just grinned at me.

John (shouting): Hey you!! Stop!! Don’t leave me to this man. Stop!! Stop!!

But I paid no heed to John and walked out of the room casually.

11:20 pm

Luck and fortune rarely does come together to a man. But today was the best day in my life and altogether a turning point. After all God was not that cruel.

So guys, finally I think it’s time to break the suspense and disclose my name to you all.

I reached down the stairs and went for the bike keys in my pant pockets.

And my name is ..

All of a sudden I came to a standstill. I moved my forehead slowly downwards to my pockets seeing my hands come out with 6 bullets.

The sound of a gunshot and a loud cry came from the hallway upstairs.

Me (looking up the stairs, with regret): Sorry Peter. May your soul Rest.. In.. Peace..!!