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Author : Alan K Sebastian
Company : NeST
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The Last Hope

I can see the stars in the night sky
As my groan echoes in the far cry
A cold breeze caressed my cheek
Full moon gazed from the mountain peak
I can’t feel the left side of my body
And there is no hope I can stand steady
Half burned tri-color fell on my face
Why should there be war among human race
An appropriate thought in the valley of death
Dying bit by bit, struggling to take a breath

My brothers’ moan have stopped while ago
Why did the god let us go?
The night is chill, the night is calm
And I can hear the owls sing with pride
“Don’t lose hope “recalled a saint’s words
Which felt like a lie and made no sense
Lot of things in this beautiful world
Which can I dream for, in this plight?

Far away I can see a bright light
It approaching me and it’s bright
At last the savior angel with four wheels
Swaying through dusty fumes
Hope goes high in no man’s land
Then I see enemy flag wand
Is this the end? Is this my life?
Is this the end of long war and strife?
My last hope was a deadly mirage
My heart beat stops as I look up
The tall man with gun aims at me
I can feel the loud bullet thud
As I blackout I can taste my blood

Can’t shut my eyes to bright sun light
As the smoke clears out, I can feel my pulse
To my loved ones nearby, I utter my words
“Hope was the feeling that made me survive”