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Author : RINI A
Company : NeST
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“Dear mom and dad,
I don’t know how to begin my last words to you. I am fed up with my life. I wished to get a better life by all means. But I couldn’t be a successful man. So, goodbye to all. Good bye to the world. Do inform my boss about my death earlier as possible. Let him find out a real geek stuff, asset to their company. Not one like me. One who can finish the targets before deadline, one who can satisfy their expectations, which is not my cup of tea. I who wished to be something else was forced to put up with a world of software. But I swear I was sincere in my job. Please give Lora the ring which I bought for her, which I dreamed to give her on the day when I propose her. It is on my table. Let she wear it and go for a trip with her new boyfriend. If I am blessed to have another birth in this world, I wish I could be a successful man. Good bye. Mom, Dad, never mourn. “Steve finished the letter. He felt free of sorrows. He kept the letter in his pocket and went to the hall. Mom and dad were having their breakfast.

“Join us, My dear! It’s your favorite” Mom invited him to the table.
“Sorry, mom. I have a treat from one of my friends.”
“Ok, ok. You are being a party man now-a-days. But tomorrow you must be with us. As you know, we can spend time with you only on weekends.”
“Sure mom, bye dad…”

Steve went outside very fast. He felt that he can’t control himself from bursting out if he remained there for long. He had a last look at his home while closing the gate.
*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
“Worthless creature! Who gave you job here? Do you know how irresponsible you are? You are wasting our time. Whatever you think is just waste.” Steve was fuming inside recalling every incident in his

“Hey buddy, finish your drink”. Eddy woke Steve from his thoughts.
“What made you arrange this treat?” Eddy asked.
“Nothing special. I couldn’t give you all atreat on my last birthday as I was running out of time because of my project’s release. So I planned to arrange a small party for you. Guys, enjoy!”
Steve felt lonely even being in the middle of that DJ party. He went out and made sure that none of his friends saw him leaving.
*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *
Steve reached the park where he and Lora used to hang out. The lake view from the park was beautiful. But Steve felt it as boring. He came across a crowd near the lake. But he didn’t try to know the reason of that crowd. His mind was filled with thoughts of Lora. He hit a boy on the way and both fell down.

“Can’t you see me coming?” The boy shouted.
“Sorry. I… I was in a hurry”. Steve replied.

Steve sat on the bench where he and Lora used to sit. It was a corner of the park where there was no disturbance from others. He looked on his watch. It was 3.30.

”Yeah, a few hours more for the train to come. Until then I shall wait here and prepare my mind for that eternal peace”. Steve went deep into his thoughts.
“Fed up so early with your life, uh?”A question woke Steve from his thoughts.

Steve turned back. It was that boy who hit him few minutes ago. Steve stared at him. How could he know about me?
“Who are you?”
“Well, I guess this is yours”. The boy gave him a piece of paper. It was Steve’s letter!
“Hey! How did you get this?” Steve jumped forward and snatched the letter from the boy.
“Sorry. I got it from there where you fell down and shouted at me.
Sorry for my curiosity. It made me read your letter”.
Steve remained staring at him.
“I am Charlie. Pleased to meet you Mr. Steve.”
Charlie tried to give a nice introduction.Steve sat on the bench without any reply.
“Can I ask you something?” Charlie was not ready to leave.
“What’s your problem? Leave me alone.” Steve was getting angry.
“What made you think so? To put a full stop to your precious life?”
Charlie asked.
“None of your business. So get lost. I am not …” Before finishing his words Steve felt his head was getting heavier, his eyes rolling. He fainted.
“Hello, are you ok? Open your eyes?”

Charlie’s call made him open his eyes. Steve could see Charlie sitting beside him with a bottle of water. Charlie was smiling at him. Steve felt a charming effect on Charlie’s smile.
“Have it. You will feel better.” Charlie gave him water. Steve drank the whole bottle.
“Are you hungry? Then you can have this too.” Charlie offered a packet of biscuit. Steve was not so interested with the boy. But still, hunger made him accept Charlie’s offer. After having water and
biscuits Steve felt relaxed. Charlie was still with him.

“Thank you Charlie!”
“You are always welcome!” Charlie replied with a smile. After a few moments of silence, Charlie asked. I would like to know the reason which made you take this decision. If you don’t mind…”
Steve thought for a while. Should I reveal my truth to this boy? Is that fair? He wished to open up his mind to someone. At last he decided to share his thoughts with Charlie. Eventhough Charlie was
younger than him Steve felt a special elderly affection to him.He started telling Charlie his story. How he was brought up by his loving family, how much he valued his career and how it ended up. He told Charlie about Lora too. Steve felt comfortable with Charlie.
“Well, this is your story. But still I don’t know the reason which made you think so?”
“Are you kidding me? Even after hearing all this, you still don’t know the reason?”
Steve asked angrily.

“Mr. Steve, I am sorry to say that I couldn’t find even a single reason from your story which would lead you to take such a decision”.
“Alright. Thank you for spending your precious time with me. I think I must leave now.” Steve started walking.
“Wait.. wait Mr. Steve…” Charlie blocked Steve on his way.
“I have heard your story spending my time. Now I am asking you to spend a few minutes to hear what I have to say.”
“What?” Steve asked in a plain tone.
“At least as a favor? Remember, I helped you in a difficult situation.
Perhaps I can help you in this case too? ”
“You, a little teenager is going to advise me uh?” Steve started laughing.
“No, no. Not at all. I just wished to tell you my story. That’s it. Do not think that I am going to counsel you.” Charlie made his idea
“Ok. I am not so interested. But still… be fast”. Steve agreed at last.

Both of them sat on the bench again.
“Do not have much expectation about my story. It’s my life. So obviously it is simple. My papa, a cobbler, mamma, granny and grandpa make my family. Small family, happy family. The whole family revolved around me, Charlie. As you can guess from my papa’s job how rich we are, papa and whole family tried to make me happy always. But I was not satisfied with my life. I wished to have a posh life. At least a middle class luxury like my friends had.”
“I never wished to have a posh life, Charlie.” Steve interfered.
“This is my life not yours. Who asked you to compare?  ” Charlie asked laughing.
“Tit for tat, uh? Anyways, continue” Steve also laughed. He felt comfortable with Charlie.
“Once I wished to have a gear bicycle as my friend Tony had. But that wish was beyond my papa’s earnings. He tried to convince me but the insult I faced from my friends because of being poor made be remain in my wish. At last papa asked me for some time. He promised me to bring my gift on my sixteenth birthday. I waited eagerly for my birthday. I boasted to my friends about my birthday gift.  ”
“And what happened then? Did he bring your cycle?” Steve asked with anxiety.
“Oh, so you are not so interested in my story right?” Charlie asked.
“Oh no! Come on Charlie.” Steve encouraged him to continue.
“On my sixteenth birthday morning, I went to papa with a lot of expectations. But he told me: Sorry Charlie, I couldn’t keep my word.
You should wait for a few more months. I lost my control. I shouted at him and went out.”
“That was not fair, Charlie. You are not supposed to shout at your papa.” Steve expressed his opinion.
“Yes. I agree. But when I thought of the situation to face my friends without cycle, their malicious laugh.. I was sure I can’t face it. I went straight to a lakeside and jumped into the lake.”
“Bad decision…” Steve said.
“If it is so then what about your decision, Steve? Is that a bad decision?” Charlie asked him.
Steve remained mum.

Charlie continued. “Now I realize how foolish I was. I was not ready to understand how much my parents loved me. I was not ready to adjust with anything. Life, poverty, insult anything.”
Steve was thinking.  Something was going on inside his mind.
“Mr. Steve, can you replace your mother’s love with anything else in this world? Who can give you care like a father can give you? The warmth of a family, pleasure you enjoy being with your loving ones, you can’t replace it. Am I correct?”
Steve was speechless. He felt ashamed. Why didn’t I think about all this before taking such a decision? When I have this much positive things to cherish and enjoy in my life, why am I always thinking about those pointless sorrows in my life? Steve looked at Charlie and said.
“You have commonsense, Charlie. More than what I have.”
Charlie laughed. He said “Thank you for the comment. You can be successful in your life Steve. But you have to wait for it. Believe in yourself. You can do wonders in your life. Fight for victory. Wait for it until it knocks you door.Whatever it is. Career or love. Do not give up. Just as my gear cycle was hidden in my papa’s sweet little lie, your success will be hidden inside your challenges.”
“So, your papa kept his word.” Steve was happy to hear that.
“Of course! He did. But when I realized it, I was late.” Charlie
stopped and looked to the lake.

“It’s ok. Your papa can understand you feelings. Do not do this kind of blunders again.” Steve tried to console him.
Charlie smiled and continued. “No. I can’t. Mr. Steve. Never give up.
Live life as you wish to. Enjoy each moment in your life.Never do anything foolish with your life. It’s me who knows the value of life.
It is easy to spoil your life, loose it, but hard to maintain. Go, live your life. You will win. Show patience to your life .Do not spare your life for silly matters.”
Steve stood up. He took his letter out of his pocket. Whiles tearing it into pieces he said.
“Thank you Charlie. Thank you your words. I won’t do this again. I must meet my parents now. Bye Charlie! See you again.” Steve waved hands to Charlie.
Charlie said. “Good bye Steve. I am happy that I could save a life. I could do something which I …..” Charlie stopped without completing. He waved back to Steve.
Steve walked back. He was eager to meet his friends and family. The lake seemed much more beautiful. He came across the crowd near the lake again. He wished to know the reason of that crowd.  Now the crowd has become more crowded and policemen were there.
“What is the matter?” Steve asked one of the men who was in the crowd.
Man replied.“ A boy jumped into the lake today morning. Life guards were searching for him. Unfortunately they couldn’t save his life. His dead body is lying over there. Ambulance will be here within few minutes.”

Steve was paralyzed. He went straight to the center of the crowd.
There he could see Charlie lying, lifeless. He was sleeping, forever.