Vagrant Thoughts – Vineesh Krishnan

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Author      :   Vineesh Krishnan
Company :   Aptara
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Vagrant Thoughts

The river of life

Meanders through a wet plane

Damp with vagrant thoughts

That did not find root in the realm of the living

Ideas that were never pursued

Dreams that were cast aside for bare necessities

Intellects scorned for being too smart

Huddle together

Casting an eye on the river of life

Waiting for a living mind to come into being

Sometimes they jump in

Attach to a young, undecided mind

Hoping to gain life

And be a tree, a rock, a mountain, or a monument

That the river respects and remembers

Sometimes, the lost thoughts haunt the minds

Drive them to a frenzy

Make them do deeds that churn the river

Into the color of a dark wine

Fermented to a fine sourness

And gives birth to the nightmares

That patrol the depths of the river

Now and then, a mind swims up the river

Finds a thought, an idea, a dream

And makes it real and gives it life

That is when the hauntings stop

The river of life sparkles

And the world of the living

Gets more of its life