Vivir – Sajeev C

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Author      : Sajeev C
Company :  Syntrio Technologies Pvt Ltd


To not to bray like ass in fray,
I flay too much to overlay.
What I felt I feel it still today.
Everyday I replay that same day.

I got a call, was told to pray.
For your life as you’re not trying to stay.
You were trying to go too faraway.
You were struggling somewhere in halfway.

Sound of silence hurl in whirl
swirls my heart to twirl and furl.
Shinning no more like a pearl.
You were sleeping like a baby girl.

And I saw you in that ICU.
Brain-dead in bed. I’ll be you.
Can you meet me at the rendezvous
for one last time to have fondues?

You said nothing that I could hear.
I stood there for no good so near.
A lamb having no wool to shear.
You will never wake up, I knew it dear.

That day became a darker night.
Light was same but wasn’t bright.
Loud voices I heard were quite
as crowd noises to recondite.

Hundreds of them came next day.
Some did mourn and some did pray.
Flames of pain didn’t fade away
with that bloody rain on 3rd of May.

For five or six months, had no sleep.
Promises unfulfilled hunts so deep.
A neap then came to over sweep.
Steep-sided me on drugs so cheap.

Every morning I drug, so every night.
Evenings I mourn but to feel alright
Pills were never out of sight.
To get out of plight; ate ’em overnight.

I loved the smell of cocaine.
I also loved Mary Jane.
I roll up a dobbie and toke
not to feel this hurricane.

In the world of music, I didn’t fit.
Those guitar classes I did quit.
I admit what I did was shit.
I grit my teeth; Am I hypocrite?

I was not able to find a job.
Some faggots told me I am a snob.
Like a hob, I used to roam around
globe; I pound, no life I found.

Not a word I wrote that year.
Fought a herd of thoughts trapped here-
in my heart, I trot vast fear.
A bit blear but sky’s lil’ clear.

Veils that you wore like a mutch.
Burning zeal I felt too much.
I dwelt on those thoughts overmuch.
No more I need that gentle touch.

Letting you vanish like a morning dream.
No more I’m waking up to ream & ream.
Up in the sky, I saw a new star gleam.
No more you need to shine on me, it seems.