Water for Peace – Mohammed Musfir Naduvil Nalakath

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Author      : Mohammed Musfir Naduvil Nalakath
Company : Kreara Solutions Pvt Ltd aka Cognub Decision Solutions

Water for Peace

When my limbs are numb
And my brain becomes dumb,
My throat is dry
And the skin about to fry,
A tumbler of water
Is the bounty I long

When I call it a day
And I grow weary,
My mind is done
With no time for fun,
Then all I long
Is a watery soak

The world may be cruel
As in a duel,
I may be hurt
And cribbing would be my heart,
But a shower of delight
Afresh in the air,
Is all I need to soothe me down

The water on earth
Is tender on man
Than the hands of the nurse
That suckled his thirst
Pure is it than the heart of his kid

Man oh man,
Kill not for it,
For the rivers and lakes
Thrive they to soothe
Protect you should
That around you
But prevent not the rest
Those around you

The crystal of love
Crisp and clean
Fragile it is than the heart of your love
Preserve it you
Lest its lost, for when it cracks
The creaks shan’t heal