Whatsapp! – Dileep C

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Name of Participant : Dileep C
Company : IBS


11:30 PM
Jay was trying to reach out to the tender hands of Sanju when Suchithra stopped him and whispered into his ears ”his time is over, now it’s my turn”. Through the dull light in the room, Jay could make out the wicked smile on her face. Jay brought Suchithra closer to him and cuddled over her. His nostrils were pushing hot steam on to the back of her neck. She turned her face to reach out and kiss his cheeks and told, ”Next two weeks are going to be tough for me, dropping him to school, and driving alone through the traffic to office. Wish you could stop these travels.” Jay felt a little low, but told her ”But do send him, else he’s going to be lazy… and ha… be careful with the car”. Jay had started undressing her, and as his fingertips touched her, Suchithra started getting goose bumps. The cell phone produced light, followed by a chirp of a message!

“Uff” Suchithra was disturbed. As Jay’s left hand tried putting the phone on silent mode, his right hand was doodling on Suchithra’s belly.
Few minutes down, Suchithra just dropped Jay’s T-Shirt to the floor and rushed her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer to her. Jay’s lips landed on to Suchithra’s. Suchithra had started enjoying the body heat of her husband.
After sometime, Suchithra lied glued to the bed, with her eyes closed and a smile of content on her face and Jay searched the bed for his clothes. He stepped into the toilet with whatever he could grab. As he squatted on to the toilet seat, holding his mobile in his hand, he had 3 new messages on whatsapp.

Ria @ 11:40 PM: “Slept?”
Ria @ 11:50 PM: “OK, Good night! Let me know when you are flying out”
Ria @ 11:55 PM: “BTW, I’ve already started missing you”

Jay responded “Flight is at 5 AM. Couldn’t pick up messages earlier, I was doing a husband’s ritual. Talk to you later!”
As he came out of the toilet, a half dressed Suchithra was getting in with a smirk on her face. As Jay reclined on to the pillow holding Sanju’s hands for a farewell kiss, the mobile buzzed again. Ria : “Aw..C’mon! Chat you later. GN!”

Suchithra returned and had a peaceful start to her sleep with the warmth of Jay’s under arms. Jay was lost in thoughts for a while, and soon succumbed to a quick nap.
2:00 AM. The mobile phone alarm exploded into the silence of the bedroom.
Jay got up, got ready, pulled his stroller out and saw Suchithra and Sanju asleep on the bed. He locked the main door. The next step in the much routine process was waiting for the cab at the gate. Dot on time, he saw the bright light of the cab splitting the darkness in front of him.
Ria @ 2:20 AM “You must be on the road, call me once you check-in. Need to talk”
Jay: “Sure thing, getting into the cab now!”
4:55 AM:
As Jay settled into his aisle seat, and buckled the seat belt, the cabin crew announced “Request all passengers to switch off mobiles and all other electronic equipment as we are ready for a take-off”
Jay’s fingers quickly rushed on to his key pad.
“Boarded, see you in 2 weeks”, whatsapp delivered it to Suchithra – two tick marks appeared in grey.
“Boarded, will miss you tons!”, whatsapp delivered it to Ria – two tick marks appeared in blue!