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Get childlock for smartphones by Technopark-based Simplogics Solutions,

Image removed. Thiruvananthapuram: At a time when there are instances of kids even ordering cars online while playing with mobile phones, a Technopark company has developed an application to restrict access to Android-based mobile phone applications. ‘Profiler’, an application developed by Technopark-based Simplogics Solutions working in tejaswini building  , enables personalisation in Android-based applications so that different levels of access for each user of the same device could be set. “For instance, while handing over the device to a kid, a personalised profile that offers access only to safe applications like games could be set,” said Shyam Krishnan J., chief operating officer at Simplogics Solutions. The application makes Android-based devices like smart phones and tablets very secure and safe especially in the hands of children. The app lets you personalize your Android device into one with multiple user profiles based on the requirement or circumstance. Profiler is also GPS-linked so that the information on the locations to which the device was carried could also be tracked, said Kris­hnan. “Profiler holds the unique distinction of impl­e­menting personalization in Android,” he added. ‘Simplogics Profiler’ can be downloaded from Google Play and is priced at US$ 0.99.